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Introduction to Sports Betting Online

Betting or Gambling on things has its own fun because of the uncertainty of the outcome and the thrills of predicting that outcome. Thus, when you win a bet you win at successfully predicting an uncertain outcome. A place where there are more of these “uncertain outcome” is sport matches and that is why Sports Betting is one of the most popular industry that is still growing.


To make things more accessible, the popularity of Sports Betting Online has been increasing a lot lately. This is all thanks to the various sportsbook or bookmakers available at sites. If you are new to all this yet want to experience Sports Betting online to the fullest, then you must use the W88 eSport Bookmaker for betting in Malaysia!

Why choose W88 eSport as your Sports Bookmaker?

The reason we suggest to choose W88 eSport as your sports bookmaker is because it contains everything a good sportsbook needs to have. Not only this, but betting at W88 eSport requires you to spend only RM5!

What makes a good sportsbook? Well, if they are able to satisfy the 3 criteria below, any sportsbook can become a good sportsbook that puts customer satisfaction first!

  1. Easy Interface: The first thing we notice when we enter a new place is the environment. Since there are many ongoing matches taking place simultaneously, sportsbooks online can be difficult to read. However, the W88 eSports sportsbook is one of the most organized sportsbook in the betting world. Thus, it is very beginner friendly making it one of the best sites for sports betting.
  2. Exciting Promotions: As mentioned above, a good sportsbook is those who enhances user experience by putting customer satisfaction first. This means that giving out cashback rewards becomes one of the most important things in any sports betting site. W88 offers one of the best sportsbook promotion on eSports which is a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to RM218!
  3. Low Betting Rates: Lastly, since players like to stay on sports betting sites for a long time, it is important that they do not end up spending an unhealthy amount of money online on placing bets. Thus, W88 eSports bookmaker offers sports bet with the minimum betting rate of RM5, which is a pretty good price for sports bettors in Asia.

When you visit W88’s official website using W88you.info, you will find out that the Sports section has A-Sports (Asian Sports) and E-Sports. Here, E-Sports stands for European Sports as it covers most of the matches taking place outside Asia. However, the eSports bookmaker is now divided in two – eSports (Asian) and eSports (European). Thus, you can bet on almost all the matches going on across the globe using one sportsbook in Malaysia.

eSports Sportsbook makes Sportsbetting in Malaysia easy!

With all the above mentioned qualities, any sportsbook can be at the top of their game especially when it comes to beginners, and eSports Sportsbook at W88 has always been on top of its game when it comes to offering quality products and services to its customers. Let us look at the most active subsections of the most popular sports in Malaysia at W88 eSports.

#1: Esports betting on Live Soccer Matches is a Must!

Soccer in Malaysia is one of the most popular sports that is enjoyed by almost everyone in the country. So, whenever there is a hot match going on, everyone always are excited to know the outcome of the game. Thus, betting on Live Soccer matches in Malaysia at W88 eSports enhances the entire experience of watching the match on another level.


Football betting online Malaysia at W88 is relatively easy. All you must do it select your preferred match and analyze the odds. Once done, you must place an RM5 bet on either of the betting options, which are 1X2 bets, Over/Under Bets, Odd/Even bets, etc., and sit back and enjoy the match.

#2: Make bets on Badminton at esports sportsbook

Badminton is another famous game played in Malaysia. However, looking at a badminton match and turning your head from one player to the other can get boring. However, the same activity can make you sit at the edge of your seat when you place bets using the eSports Sportsbook at W88!


Placing bets on Badminton at W88 is easy as well. All you must do is select the odds and make a RM5 bet! W88 also provides insights of the payout options, so the higher the amount of bet you place, the more payout you will receive.

#3: Use RM5 to bet on Volleyball Matches

Volleyball is a game where nobody watching it can sit back and relax because of its fast paced and exciting nature thanks to all the skills volleyball teams. W88 eSports allows you to enhance this thrilling experience by betting on Volleyball teams for only RM5.


Bet now and receive equally exciting payouts on your favorite teams or team players at the European Sportsbook. You can get live updates on Volleyball matches on Argentina to Russia at W88, which is why the Volleyball section is always active at W88.

#4: Predict Homeruns by betting on Baseball at W88

Baseball has always been a fun game to watch and people that bet on Baseball go extremely crazy over the game. W88 updates it Baseball section in the European Sportsbook daily and brings to its customers live matches that they can bet on.


W88 eSports takes only RM5 per bet on Baseball matches. Here, you will be introduced to the top leagues and teams from the US, South Korea, Japan, and Taipei who are all equally competitive. You can look at the odds and bet on teams using 1X2, Over/Under, and many other betting options.

#5: Bet on Cricket using RM5 only

Although Cricket is not very famous in Malaysia, it is very similar to Baseball and thus, displays an equally hot environment. You can make cricket bets at W88 eSport Sportsbook with similar Baseball betting options.


Bet on Cricket at W88 using RM5 only and get higher payouts depending on the odds. Bet on Indian, European, Australian, and many other International teams and stay updated with all the possible ongoing cricket leagues with W88.

Explore E-Sports from eSports to Bet on Valorant, CS:Go, & many more!

Playing real-life sports, as kids, was fun, however, today online games like Call of Duty or PubG have become more popular especially among youth! Here, at W88, you can take your love for gaming a step further by watching live gameplays of some of your favorite games and bet on them for RM5 only!


You can bet on tournaments that take place between famous E-Sports teams like KT Rolster, T1, Fire Dragoon, etc. The games you can bet on are Valorant, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Edge, King of Glory, Star Craft, League of Legends, etc.

How to Bet at W88 eSport Betting Provider in 3 easy steps?

Now that you have learnt about all the exciting Live sports matches, as well as E-Sports matches, available to bet on at W88 eSports, let us take a quick look at an easy 3 step-guide to start your betting journey.

Step 1: Log in to your W88 account and Select eSports

  • The first thing you must do to play at W88 eSports is to visit W88you.info and click on “Register“.
  • This will take you to the W88 official site where you will have to click on “Join“. You will be then redirected to a new page for to make a W88 register.


  • Here, you must enter all your account details precisely, and verify them immediately after you log in. You can also grab the bonus promotion for your account during this procedure.
  • Once successfully logged in, you must then click or hover over “Sports” and selects any of the two “eSports” domain.

Note: As mentioned above, W88 offers many sportsbooks and 2 prominent ones are a-Sports which contains all Asian Matches and e-Sports which contains all European Matches. e-Sports recently have starting offering a-Sports betting under e-Sports (Asian).

Step 2: Find your match & explore the odds

  • Once you enter here, you must then take your time to explore all the amazing things at W88 eSports, or you can directly select the match you want to bet on.
  • You can also filter your searches from the ribbon mentioned above containing all the available sports you can bet on at W88.


  • Once you have found your match it is time to place a bet but before that, you must look at the odds of the game.
  • Looking at the odds of the game will help you get an edge with doubling up your cash quickly in less time.

Step 3: Place your bets, sit back & enjoy the game!

  • Now all that is left to is is for you to place your bets in the W88 eSports bookmaker.
  • To do this, you must click on the odds, which will open a pop-up box for Sportsbetting.


  • Here, you must then enter the amount of money you want to bet with, the minimum being RM5.
  •  The payout of each game will depend on the odds as well as the amount of money you choose to bet with.

Let’s look at an examples of the various cases and their outcomes:

Here, we have decided to bet on Selangor II, in the Selangor vs Johor Darul match, because the odds of winning is 4.87, the highest one out of the four. Using higher odds to bet on is one of the important W88 sports betting tips.

Cases OddsBetting RateOutcome/Payout
Selangor II Wins4.87RM5RM24.5
A Tie Happens3.56RM5RM17.8
Johor Darul II Wins1.63RM5RM8.15

Note: To calculate decimal odds we use the formula Payout = Total Stake x Odds.

2 Most Important Thing to keep in mind before Betting

Lastly, eSports Sportsbook betting is indeed a thrilling experience, however, it is also a risky one. Thus, to avoid any regrets, keep these two points in mind before making any bets at W88 eSports.

  1. Always Analyze the Odds: The first thing you must keep in mind is to always analyze the odds because high odds give you more money. This also means that if your favorite team has lower odds, in order to win more money, you might have to bet on the rival team.
  2. Make Use of Bonus Offers: Bonuses play a great role in earning extra cash quickly. This is because all you need to do to claim bonuses is to complete the rollover requirements after making a minimum deposit, which basically is like playing the games you already wanted to play for a certain time.


With this we come to the conclusion that W88 eSports is the go-to Sports Betting site in not only Malaysia but all over Asia! You can bet on Soccer, Badminton, Baseball, and many other sports using the European Sportsbook domain at W88. Besides this, you can also bet on famous E-Sports games like Valoran and CS:GO tournaments. Additionally, be sure to grab the extra bonus of RM218 that will allow you to play at W88 eSports Sportsbook more!

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