W88 Rewards Club – Collect Points & Redeem Apple Macbook Pro

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W88 Rewards Club welcomes every new member to collect points & redeem Free Bets, iPhone, Macbook Pro, etc. Join W88 & claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600.

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What is W88 Rewards Club?

W88 Rewards Club is the best Loyalty Benefits place in the World for Online players in W88 website. W88 Rewards Club aims to offer amazing incentives, better point exchange, and exciting benefits to satisfy the needs of online players and pay them back for their loyalty. There’s no registration form to join the W88 Rewards club, it is applicable as soon as you become a member at the W88 Official betting website.


  • W88 aims to keep its customers happy, whether it’s new customers or existing ones. New players get exciting welcome bonuses up to RM600 and existing players get weekly and monthly reloads, while the most loyal players get to join the VIP club and claim W88 rewards by playing and collecting points.
  • The Player gets one reward point after placing a bet of $60 (or equivalent currency) in total on either platform, sports betting, live casino, slots, or lottery. It doesn’t matter whether you place a small bet or large one, you will require to place a bet of $60 in total to gain 1 point at W88 and claim the rewards.
  • For Malaysian players, W88 accepts bets of RM200 in total to claim 1 point at either of the following products, sportsbook, live casino, slot machines, and lottery games.

06 Exciting Rewards for VIP Members at W88 Malaysia

There are hundreds of items available in the W88 rewards club to claim and they all are categorized into 6 sections. Collect points by gambling in W88 sports betting, live casino games, online slot machines, P2P games, Lottery, Fishing Games, W88 poker app, etc, and redeem any product from 6 sections.


Free Bets


Leading Gadgets




Luxury Lifestyle


Online Deals


Sports Merchandise

Spin the Wheel & Win 100% Reload Bonus or 50 Rewards Point


W88 Reward Club brings the Wheel of Fortune for W88 players with 158+ Points. Collect the points, spin the wheel, and grab a chance to claim exciting prizes listed in the wheel of fortune, from a 100% reload bonus to 50 rewards point in just one spin.

Explore W88 Rewards Section in just 2 Steps – Grab Best deal

Before you decide on starting a journey to become a W88 member and claim the W88 Rewards. Explore W88 Rewards terms and conditions in 2 steps and get an idea of how much you need to gamble to win.

Step 1: Visit W88 Official & Click on Rewards Club

  • Go to the W88 Official website and click on ‘Join‘ to make your new account via the W88 Register guide. If you have an account in advance, click on ‘Login‘ to access your W88 account.


  • W88 Products and services are given below the W88 logo, in a horizontal line, Click on the Home icon and a drop-down horizontal menu will appear on the screen with more services by W88.
  • Click on ‘Rewards Club‘ in second place and you will be redirected to a new page where page all the information on Rewards Club is already given in a descriptive and easy-to-understand layout.

Step 2: Explore the Rewards Club Section

  • Click the various details, sections, and information given in the horizontal line below the W88 logo. There’s a homepage of W88 Rewards, more about Rewards, Levels, Catalogue, Terms & Conditions, etc.


Note: W88 & W88 Rewards Club have the same Contact Us details, hence you can contact W88 CS if you need any help and information regarding W88 Rewards Club.

W88 Rewards Level – From 1st to 8th up to 10% Discount




22%168 Points within 30 days
33%388 Points within 30 days
44%518 Points within 30 days
55%688 Points within 30 days

Upgrade with W VIP Club Invitation

715%Upgrade with W VIP Club Invitation from Gold

Upgrade with W VIP Club  Invitation for Diamond

Collect Points & See what you can Redeem – W88 Reward’s Catalogue

How to claim points in W88 to redeem the rewards? First of all, before claiming the points you must know and understand that you need to be a W88 member to redeem W88 rewards. Players must place a bet of RM200 in total on either product of W88, Sportsbook, slots online, lottery, or live casino games to claim 1 Point for W88 Rewards and they must claim 168 points in total to reach a 2% reward redemption discount rate.


  • You can claim different products depending on the number of points you have in your W88 account. Go to the W88 Rewards Exploration page as shown in the ‘Explore W88 Rewards Section in just 2 Steps – Grab Best deal’ above and click on ‘Catalogue‘ to see what you can claim from collection points.
  • Set the ‘Range‘ as per the number of points you have or search for the item you want to buy. Once you click on ‘Search‘ items will appear on your screen depending on the number of points you set in range.
  • The minimum prize you can get in the W88 Rewards Club is 25 Free Bets with 538 Points.

5 Terms & Conditions to Redeem W88 Rewards

W88 Rewards club follows all general terms and conditions of W88, that is, it holds the right to suspend or delete your account in case of any fraudulent activity. But certain terms are different than other clubs and we are here to make your acquainted with them, so you don’t have to read for hours to understand them.

  1. As soon as a player joins W88, he becomes eligible to collect points based on the amount of money he spends on online betting and gambling at the W88 official website.
  2. 1 Point is acquired after placing a bet of RM200 or $60 (equivalent currency) in total on sports betting, live casino games, lottery, and slot machines online at W88 betting company.
  3. You can use the points you earned after placing bets to claim free bets, electric gadgets, luxury lifestyle items, sports merchandise, and online deals. The minimum prize is 25 free bets with 518 points.
  4. There’s an expiration date on points. Points expire in 6 months for W88 VIP Club Blue members and 12 months for VIP Gold members. Meanwhile, there’s no expiration date for VIP Platinum & Diamond.
  5. Rewards points are calculated in 2 days, they will be added to your Reward Points account once they are validated and verified. You can check your points by clicking on ‘Balance/Points’ upon login.


Joining the W88 Rewards Club is expensive but it’s definitely rewarding and worth it when you can redeem Macbook Pro. Now that you know everything you need to know to become a W88 VIP member and claim W88 Rewards, it’s your decision to start your journey or not. But you can claim RM30 free credit for free at W88, just register your account and verify your profile detail. Join now and get a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600.

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