2 Casino Sites to claim Free Credit for New Register Members

Claim Free Credit for New Register Member at Asia’s Top 2 Online Betting Sites. Win Free Credit Spins & Cashback Welcome offers by joining Dafabet and W88 Today!

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If you are an avid online casino player then you probably are experiencing the best form of entertainment you can get on the internet. However, as an online casino player, you also know that keeping your money in check can be a little bit difficult when playing on online betting sites. Thus, the site you choose to play at matters the most in such cases because of its ability to provide you with free credit or not. Luckily, here at W88you, we can provide you with the ideal entertainment environment for you to play online games with extra free credit on newly registered accounts.

Top 2 Sites that Offer Free Credit for New Members

W88you can be your best online betting guide when it comes to providing you access to casino gaming platforms from Malaysia to give you top-quality service by introducing you to a diverse range of game genres and also free credit new register promotions and welcome bonuses that are superior to those offered by other online casino platforms. So, below we have 2 top best-betting sites that you can gamble at to win extra free credit new register and more by playing the casino games of your choice.

#1: Dafabet Free RM50 on Golden Chips & RM48 on Sportsbook

Starting off, we have Dafabet, Asia’s widely known online betting site for offering top-quality service, two of the best sportsbooks, and a variety of online casino game rooms offered by top game room providers in the betting world.


  • Using Dafabet, you can get access to exciting and some of the hottest welcome bonus offers in the entire online betting world.
  • Not only this but they also give you free credit on not one but two quality products offered by Dafabet.
  • As an official Dafabet member, you can claim Free RM50 Golden Chips on Spin a Win and Quantum Roulette Live.
  • If you are a Dafabet member for all the fun happening at their Dafa Sports Sportsbook, then you can opt for the RM48 Free Credit.

Claim Dafabet Free Bonuses in 2 Steps

Claiming these Free Credit New Register promotions offered by Dafabet is very simple and takes only 2 simple steps with W88you’s guide. However, following each of the instructions below carefully is important to access and claim the free credit promotions all for yourself.

Step 1: Join Dafabet and Visit Promos

  • The very first thing that you must do to join Dafabet as a member to claim the free credit goes to Dafabet and register an account.
  • To do this, you must click on ‘Join Now’ which is available on Dafabet’s homepage.
  • Once you click on it, you will be taken to the Dafabet registration form where you will have to enter your account details precisely as well as enter a strong password and unique username that will help you maintain your account security.
  • Once all this is done you must go ahead and log in to your new Dafabet account and then move on to the next step.


Step 2: Claim Dafabet’s Free Credit for New Register Account

  • Next, you must go ahead and visit the Dafabet Promotions section to claim the Free Credit bonuses offered by them.
  • To do that click on ‘Promotions’, this will open up a new page on your google tab with all the promotions available at Dafabet.
  • Among these, you must find the ‘Sign Up Free Golden Chip’ Bonus or the ‘RM48 Free Bet on Sportsbook’ Bonus.


  • Then fill in the opt-in form by entering your username and click on ‘Submit’, and follow the 5 important conditions to claim these Dafabet promotions below.

5 Conditions to Win Dafabet’s Free Credit

Claiming the Dafabet promotions is as easy as navigating the site to get to them. All you must do is abide by the given conditions to Win the Dafabet Free Credit RM50 or RM48.

  1. This promotion offer is exclusive to those who have newly signed up at Dafabet with RM as one of their preferred currencies.
  2. It is important to verify your registered Dafabet account and then fill in the opt-in form under this promotion.
  3. Once done, you must re-login to your casino account immediately and the Free spins will be available the next day.
  4. You can only play these Free Spins in Spin a Win Live and Quantum Roulette Live games at Dafabet’s Online Casino.
  5. It is important to wager this bonus promotion 10x, that is 10 times.

#2: W88 Free RM 30 on Account Verification & Withdrawal

Next up we have the W88 Free Credit New Register Promotion offer that is considered to be the best in the betting world when it comes to customer safety and satisfaction. Using W88 is appealing for both pro gamblers as well as beginner bettors.


  • W88 is known as Asia’s go-to betting site because it offers you online betting experiences that you have never felt before.
  • W88 is a site that has always served its customers with top-quality services through its online gaming rooms offered by top game providers.
  • W88 Live casino game rooms are always active thanks to the top-tier game room providers and its two famous sportsbooks that are also always active with live game updates.
  • W88 offers many amazing Welcome bonus deals for Sportsbooks, Live Casinos, and Slot Games Online. However, one of the most appealing bonuses is the Free RM30 you can claim upon making a successful W88 Withdrawal.

Protect your Account & Grab W88 RM30 in 2 Steps

Claiming the W88 promotions is as easy as playing the games on the site. However, what is even more appealing and what also makes W88 a good online betting site is because of the requirement of completing account verification before claiming the RM 30 upon making a successful withdrawal.

Step 1: Register at W88 and Visit W88 Promos

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to find the official link for the W88 website, so you can go to W88you’s homepage and click on ‘Register’. This will take you to W88’s official website.
  • At W88’s homepage, you will have to click on ‘Join’ to create an account in the W88 register. This will take you to W88’s register form where you will have to enter your details accurately.
  • Top this step off by creating a unique username for your W88 account as well as a strong password.


  • Once this is done, you must log in to your W88 account and visit the W88 promos section.
  • Here, you will find the new member promotion for ‘Extra RM 30’, you must then click on ‘Claim Now’ under it.

Step 2: Complete Account Verification and Make a Withdrawal

  • When you click on Claim Now you will be introduced to all the terms and conditions available under this promotion which will explain how you can claim them.
  • One of the important conditions is to verify the details in your W88 account. To do this, you must go to your W88 profile page and complete the 2 Factor Authorization by making sure the percentage goes from 0% to 100%.


  • You will have to verify your W88 Profile with higher details, W88 Banking Details, the phone number and the email ID you entered in your W88 data.
  • Once you have verified these details you can play your favourite games at W88 and then make a successful withdrawal to claim the W88 Free Credit New Register of RM30.

5 Terms to Abide by for Free RM30 By W88

W88 is a site that is good because it keeps its customers safe by following its security protocol and terms and conditions obediently. Thus, if you want to be a part of such a great online betting community at W88, then you too must follow some terms to claim their free credit new register bonus.

  1. This free credit new register of RM 30 is available for new accounts who have not made their first W88 withdrawal yet.
  2. Before making a withdrawal and after verifying the details in your account you must make a minimum deposit of RM 30 in your W88 wallet.
  3. This deposit money must be rolled over 1 time and you must play till you have about RM 100 in your W88 wallet.
  4. To claim the W88 RM 30 Free Credit, you must then make a withdrawal of RM 100 successfully. This will unlock the RM 30 credit in your Account which you can claim.
  5. All transactions for this bonus must be made one time successfully, that is one time RM 30 deposit, and one time RM 100 withdrawal.

In Conclusion

Playing at online sites with Free Credit New Register Bonuses like Dafabet and W88 definitely gives your account a boost that can help you up your gambling skills by playing more games online in no time. Opting for the free credit bonuses as well as claiming them completely by adhering to the rules, terms and conditions will definitely help you earn more cash in less time so go ahead and create your account on any of the aforementioned top online betting sites in Asia today!

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