W88 Affiliate: 3 Steps Guide to Join & Get 50% Revenue Share


Register at W88 Affiliate with Simple 3 Steps Guide & Earn a 50% Revenue Share with 0 Investment at W88 Betting Company through the Active Players you bring!

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What is W88 Affiliate Program?

W88 Affiliate is a Partnership program for all enthusiastic people who can divert a large number of online players to W88 Betting Company. You refer W88 to online players and gain commission based on the wagering done by active players that you referred to W88 in the first place. W88 Affiliate is an opportunity for you to have some extra income based on the traffic you already have on your website.


5 Beneficial features of being W88 Affiliate

W88 Betting company is a legalized platform to perform online gambling activities for players with a PAGCOR license. Hence, promoting W88 is also legal and other associated benefits are:

  1. 50% Revenue Share: Promote W88 products & get 50% revenue on active players you bring at W88.
  2. Lifetime Revenue: Once you bring an active player to W88, you will get the life revenue of his spending at W88.
  3. Cross Product Earnings: Affiliate members gets an opportunity to earn through all cross products at W88.
  4. Wide range of Products: W88 offers thousands of engaging games to place bets and earn money, sports betting, live casinos, slots, games, lottery, and P2P.
  5. Affiliate Manager’s Support: Affiliate members get full support from managers and customer care services 24×7.

W88 Affiliate Program Commission – 50% Revenue Share

Read the commission plan thoroughly before planning to join the W88 Affiliate program. There are some important terms and conditions that you need to be familiar with before taking the process further.


  • Revenue share starts with 20% and reaches up to 50% depending on how much revenue the player you sent has generated for W88. In simple words, your earnings depend on the amount of money your player is willing to spend on W88 and really spends.
  • Your commission depends on the total amount of loss by the player recommended to W88 by you and the number of players engage in active gambling that particular month.
  • Members can opt for two types of payments, one is monthly and the other is bi-monthly. Affiliate members have to maintain at least 5 players per month to continue as per W88 Affiliate members.
  • The website you chose to promote W88 must have Online gambling as its central theme. The best way to lure the players in is the W88 Promotion offered up to RM600 on the first deposit.

3 Steps Guide to Register at W88 Affiliate Program

We know you can’t wait to jump into the main activity stream and grab your 50% commission on each loyal and active player to bring to W88. Mentioned below is the three-step guide to submitting your application to become a member of the W88 Affiliate program and earn the benefits through other people’s gambling habits.

Step 1: Access W88, Scroll down & Click on ‘Affiliate’

  • Access the Official website of the W88 betting company via the official link given in the article above. Scroll down to nearly the end of the page to find out the horizontal listed options of W88 services.


  • Click ‘Affiliates‘ from the horizontal list of W88 services and information like Promo Winners, Jackpot Winners, Sexy Calendar, Rewards Club, Refer Friend, About Us, Milestone, Info Centre, etc.


  • You will be redirected to a completely new page once you click on Affiliate. Click on ‘Join‘ to become a member of the W88 Affiliate Program and W88 Register. You must submit the application and W88 will look into your website before granting you permission to do affiliate marketing for W88.

Step 2: Fill your Personal details in the Application form

Once you click on Join, you need to fill out the registration/application for to get Affiliate ID W88 and start making money through the W88 Affiliate program instantly. Fell the details accurately in the W88 form.


  • Full Name: Enter your legal Full name, the one that has been entered in your legal and bank documentation. Your legal name will be verified later on in the process, be careful and enter correctly.
  • Date of Birth: The date of birth states the most important condition on joining the W88 betting site or affiliate program, you must be more than 18 years of age to join W88 successfully.
  • Email Address: Add a working and active email address that has space for emails to receive. W88 updates regarding everything that goes on at W88 via emails and you don’t wanna miss it.
  • Username: Create your unique username, number of letters in the username will range from 6-15 and it must have alphanumeric characters. It must be unique since it’s your identity at W88.
  • Password: Create a strong password with special characters, alphanumeric characters, uppercase, lowercase, and unique combinations to ensure great security, don’t use your DOB as your password.
  • Confirm Password: Create a rememberable password because you need to confirm it again in the second column. Confirm your password and proceed to fill out the rest of the form.

Step 3: Complete all asked details & Click on ‘Join’

After filling in the personal details, some more details need to be filled in regarding your preferable country for W88 promotion, currency, contact number, language, commission type, website URL, etc.


  • Country: Select the country you want to promote W88 in and win the commission. You must have a contact number with the country’s code to promote W88 in that particular country.
  • Contact Number: Enter the accurate contact number with the correct country code to get calls from the W88 Affiliate stream to verify your identity and approve your application for W88 Affiliate Program.
  • QQ/MSN/Skype: Enter your social media ID for W88 to contact you on Skype, QQ, or MSN.
  • Preferred Language: Select the language you prefer and want to promote W88 in. The preferred language will depend on the geographic area you choose to promote the W88 online betting site.
  • Preferred Currency: In which currency would you like to get your commission when you successfully promote W88 and bring a sufficient amount of active players on the website to spend more money?
  • Commission Type: Revenue Share is the only type of commission available at the W88 Affiliate Program currently. Members will receive a lifetime revenue of 50% spending of each player they bring at W88.
  • Website URL: Insert the URL of your website where you will promote W88 so they can check the health of your website and decide accordingly, whether they want to approve your application or not.
  • Referral ID: If you are referred to the W88 Affiliate Program by any other person or website, enter the referral ID of that person’s W88 ID to reward the referral with a small percentage of rewards by W88.

Once all the details are filled, click on ‘Join‘ to submit your application and wait for the W88 Affiliate manager to review your application and revert back. You can contact the track your application by contacting the W88 contact services mentioned below to know the status of your application, whether it is approved or rejected.

W88 Products to Promote in W88 Affiliate Program

You must get acquainted with W88 products before becoming a partner at W88 Affiliate since that’s what you will be promoting if your application is approved. Here are the 6 most prominent features of W88, which makes W88 one of the most popular online betting and gambling site in Malaysia.

1. W88 Sports Betting

Sportsbook: e-Sports, a-Sports, v-Sports &Fantasy.
Sports Available: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, cricket, volleyball, boxing, E-Sports, etc.
Minimum Betting limit: RM5 is the least bet stake.


A prominent feature of any online betting and gambling site is its online sports betting platform, W88 offers multiple sports betting providers for players to explore and select the best one.

2. W88 Live Casino

Another most important product of W88 Malaysia is the Live Casino games offered on every day basis.


Providers: Evolution Gaming Room, Club Massimo, Club W Grand, Ezugi Club, and Club Palazzo.
Available Games: Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and many more.
Minimum Betting limit: RM02 is the least betting limit is live casino games at W88 for Malaysian players.

3. W88 Slots Online

Players can spin the reels as they do in real slot games and grab a chance to win great deals.


Slots Provider: Microgaming, Netent, Play’N Go, Qtech, Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, Evolution, etc.
Top Available Slot: Ugga Bugga with 99%+ RTP rate by Playtech Live Casino & Slots Game Provider.
Minimum Betting limit: It ranges from RM01 to RM05 depending on different online Slots providers.

4. W88 Games Online

W88 offers many virtual games for Malaysian players where a virtual player conducts the game.


Available Games: Fish Prawn Crab, Pok Deng, Octopus Game, Xoc Dia, Casino War, Bai 3 Cay, Rock Paper Scissor, Rooster fight, The Ladder, Money Blast, and so many more games at W88 Games.
Minimum Betting limit: It ranges from RM0.50 to RM05 depending on different Games providers.

5. W88 Lottery & Keno

You must have listened a lot about buying lottery tickets and winning huge amounts of real money but do you know that you can play the lottery online at W88 and win real money within 10 seconds?


Yes, you heard it right! You can play online lottery or Keno at W88 Malaysia with a minimum betting limit of RM0.60 and win a great deal of real money within 10 seconds. Play now & Win more with less investment.

6. W88 P2P (Pay to Play)

P2P games, where the player needs to pay a particular amount before playing the game, ensuring the position at the table with a small amount of money, up to RM0.20, and securing the seat.

Available Games: Pok Deng, Domino QQ, Tien Len, Poker, Super Bull, Gao Gae, Texas Hold’em Poker, etc.
Minimum Betting limit: It ranges from RM0.50 to RM02 depending on different Games providers.

06 Ways to Contact W88 Affiliate Manager

The process of becoming a W88 Affiliate goes through multiple screening levels, you can get connected to W88 Affiliate support staff and even the manager to get answers to your queries. Mentioned below are 6 ways to track your W88 Affiliate application and contact W88 customer care for any query anytime of the day.

Call W88

(+61) 452102939






(+61) 452102939


(+61) 452102939


(+61) 452102939


W88 Affiliate welcomes everyone and anyone who is willing to work with W88 & optimize revenue from billions of people across Asia. Register at the W88 Affiliate program and promote the products to bring new players to W88. The amount of money you will earn from W88 will depend on how much the active player you brought to W88 spends on online betting and gambling. Join & grab a chance to get a 50% commission on each active player you bring at W88 and continue to get the lifetime revenue on that player’s spending.

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