W88 Mobile Casino: Download App & Get 100% Bonus up to RM600

Download W88 Mobile Casino on your Android or iOS device in 3 simple steps. Know honest reviews, 5 live casino games & providers, and welcome bonus up to RM600.

W88 Live Casino  W88 Bonus RM1,288  W88 Mobile Casino

Introduction to W88 Mobile Casino

In Malaysia finding a good online betting site which is easy to use and accessible at all times is something very difficult. However, if you look at W88, Asia’s top online betting site then you surely will be able to get the aforementioned requirements as well as more cool things including Free RM600!


What is even better is that all of these amazing casino products online are available in the W88 Mobile Casino App and so, read on to know more about this amazing jewel that all gamblers must possess.

Why Should You Choose W88 Mobile Casino?

As mentioned above, W88 is one of the rarest online betting sites that offer more to its customers and takes less. Not only this but it puts its customers first and offers them top-quality services online at a low price. Besides this, joining W88 is something that many people look forward to because of all the Free Cash you can get your hands on instantly!


  • Light: The W88 Mobile Casino app is the lightest app that you can install on your mobile with ease and without any worries about it costing you too much data. The top-quality interface is what it ensures and yet the data take up very little space in your phone.
  • Fast: When playing online casino games, pro gamblers would agree that it is important to keep up with the speed of the gameplay to experience more thrills, so a speedy mind and good internet connection and a good platform are necessary. The W88 Mobile Casino app ensures that it keeps up with your wits.
  • Secure: Last and most importantly, the W88 Mobile Casino app is one of the safest casino apps you can download. The download process of this app is very smooth and does not take too long. Additionally, every time you open the app, you will have to either use face recognition or enter a 4-digit passcode, ensuring complete safety.

Thus, apps are a must in any mobile phone but having the W88 Mobile App, you can spend your leisure time with endless entertainment as well as earn some real cash online by playing games.

The W88 Mobile Casino App Offers Exciting Games

By downloading the Mobile Casino App, you can get many exciting offers including free bonuses for the top game room providers and their games at W88 Live Casino. Whether you sit back and enjoy truly at home or use the app to play while commuting to work, entertainment and fun are definitely ensured, because W88 offers the top 5 casino games that are enjoyed among all, from pros to beginners.

#1 Play Baccarat Online for RM5

The first and most widely played casino game in Malaysia is online W88 Baccarat and you can access and play this famous online casino game for only RM5. Not only this but most Baccarat Game rooms are very easy to use and so, even if you are a beginner, you will be able to play the online casino game for free.


To play Baccarat online, you must place bets on Banker, Player, or Tie and the dealer will deal the cards to reveal which side won the bet. The side which has the card ranks that sum up to 9 or a number closer to 9 wins the Baccarat bet.

#2 Beat the Dealer in Blackjack

Another famous casino game that you can play at W88 Malaysia for only RM5 minimum is Blackjack. This casino game is the go-to casino game for all online pro casino players as the payouts are good and the entire gameplay is very thrilling. Check out our How to Play Blackjack for Beginners tutorial to learn the game in minutes.


Here, you must play against the dealer and make bets on the hands dealt to you. In Blackjack, there are many betting rounds and you must place bets on the hand ranks of your cards if they sum up to 21 or a number closer to 21 then you win the bet.

#3 Guess the Outcome at Sic Bo Rounds

Another most fun online casino game you can play is the best casino dice game and that is Sic Bo. As mentioned, here instead of cards you deal with 3 dice and many betting options, which makes the game even more fun as the payouts of each betting option are different.


Here, you must place bets to determine the overall sum of all three dice after they have been rolled using the Sic Bo dice rolling equipment. As there are many side bets, you can place more than 1 bet in this game and eventually win back money with every round using our How to Play Sic Bo tutorial guide.

#4 Play Endless Rounds of Roulette

Whether you are a high-roller or a new gambler, Roulette is the game you definitely must have tried at online casinos. Luckily, the W88 Roulette game rooms are the most fun game rooms you will have played Roulette at.


Just like Sic Bo, you won’t need cards to play Roulette online but instead, you will play Roulette by betting your money on numbers from 1 to 36. Of course, there are many side bets that you can use too which makes the Roulette game even more interesting to play and easier to win. The dealer will then spin the ball on the Roulette wheel and wherever the ball lands will determine the winner of the bet.

#5 Bet on Dragon or Tiger at W88 Mobile Casino

Lastly, a variant of Baccarat that most beginners will enjoy is the Dragon Tiger live casino game in the W88 mobile casino app. You can choose from many game rooms available to play Dragon Tiger online. So, if you know how to play Baccarat and enjoy playing the game, then you definitely will love the gameplay of Dragon Tiger online.


In Dragon Tiger, you must place bets on either the dragon side or the tiger side. Then the dealer will reveal two cards one by one on each side. Whichever side gets the card with a higher rank wins the Dragon Tiger bet for the round. Playing Dragon Tiger using a Dragon Tiger Strategy is much more fun when you have an online betting casino app that helps you enjoy the thrill to the fullest.

Access Game Rooms by the Top 5 game room providers at W88 Mobile Casino

We have mentioned that you can play all of the casino games above in all the different game rooms available and so now we will be introducing you to the top game rooms available in the live casino section of the W88 Mobile Casino app.


  1. Club Ezugi: This club is one of the best clubs you can play at when playing online casino games. Not only this but you can even grab a bonus promotion for this club as mentioned below.
  2. Club Evolution: Another go-to club that most beginner bettors love is Club Evolution which offers some classy easy-to-use game rooms. You can play here with ease as the interface is easy to navigate.
  3. Club W Grand: The second club offering you a great bonus deal mentioned below is Club W Grand which treats its customers like VIPs yet offers some of the lowest betting rates available.
  4. Club Massimo: Club Massimo is another classy club that you can join and play endlessly at Baccarat, Blackjack, and many other casino game tables.
  5. Club Palazzo: Lastly, Club Palazzo is again a go-to club for many beginners as it offers low betting rates and an easy-to-use interface. In fact, club Palazzo has its own app that you can download and play.

Download the W88 Mobile Casino App in 3 Smooth Steps

Now that you know about most of the products offered by the W88 mobile casino app, let us look into how you can download the W88 Mobile app and play endless fun games in live casino game rooms. Make an account in the W88 register beforehand to make the process even smoother!

Step 1: Visit W88 on your Browser to Download the W88 Casino App

  • The first thing that you must do to download the W88 Mobile casino app is to go to your phone’s mobile browser and visit the official W88 site.
  • It is best if you use W88you.info as your online betting guide to get an accurate and secure pathway to the official link.
  • Next, you must click on the ‘3 Bar Menu‘, and click on ‘Download‘ to be redirected to all the apps sections in the W88 browser site.


  • Once you are there, you must look for ‘W88 Lite‘ which you will find right at the top of all the available options.
  • Once you do this, you will be taken to the official download link and you can follow the steps below here on.

Step 2: Download the Required Files and Install the App

  • In the next step, you must click on the ‘Download‘ option available below to start the downloading process of the W88 mobile casino apps.
  • This will download all the required files for the W88 mobile casino app’s installation.
  • This process should take about a minute, but this highly depends on your internet service connection’s strength.


  • Once all the files are downloaded, you must click on ‘Open‘ which will open up a pop-up box on your screen.
  • Here, click on ‘Install‘ and wait for the casino app to get installed. Again, this process depends on your internet connectivity.

Step 3: Open the App and log in to your W88 Account

  • Once you have completed all the above steps you will have all the necessary requirements from your mobile browser to download the W88 app.
  • When the app is installed you will get another option which will appear as a pop-up box. Here, you must click on ‘Open‘ to be redirected to the mobile app which will open on your phone.
  • Once you are here, you can explore all the cool products mentioned above and explore even more amazing things present in the app. You will also find that it is very easy to use and navigate.


  • But before you do this, you must make sure to log into your account by clicking on ‘Login‘ and entering your username and password, accurately.
  • If you do not have a W88 account then you can create one by clicking on the ‘W88 Register‘ Link available below, as shown in the picture above.

W88 Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus of RM600

We have emphasized above that W88 offers some of the craziest bonus deals that can help you kickstart your gambling journey in no time. One such deal is the Welcome Bonus offered by W88 of 20% up to RM600 on their Live Casino Products which new joiners can claim on their very first deposit.


  • To claim the W88 promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your Live Casino wallet at W88, which will lock the 20% up to RM600.
  • When making the deposit, you will have to enter the W88 bonus code which is ‘W2CA‘.
  • Then to make this promotion completely yours you must complete the rollover requirement of 15 times.

Once these two main conditions are carried out accurately and precisely, you can claim your W88 Promotion Reward of RM600!

Top 3 Must-Know FAQs About the W88 Mobile Casino App

Now that we have introduced you to the main aspects of W88 Mobile Casino, let us look se of the most frequently asked questions that many people have about the W88 and its casino app.

1. Is W88 Mobile Casino Legal in Malaysia?

This question probably arises from the question is online gambling legal in Malaysia? Well, the legality of most online casinos is neither in a black nor white area in most countries and Malaysia is one of them. But if the online casino has a license from a foreign company, then it can operate freely

W88 owns an Offshore Gaming license provided by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. So, the answer to this question is yes, W88 Mobile Casino is completely legal in Malaysia.

w88you w88 live casino license to operate bmm 1

2. How does W88 Mobile Casino App Ensures Customer Safety?

Absolutely, yes! W88 is one of the safest online betting sites you can go to when it comes to online betting in Malaysia, and so is their app. When downloading the app you will notice that the process takes place in one go without any redirecting links.

Another thing that you will notice is that when you log into the W88 Mobile App, you will have to set a passcode to lock the app. Speaking of security, W88 offers another bonus of RM30 on account verification.

3. What are the Transaction Options on the W88 Mobile Casino App?

At W88, transactions take place in a pretty easy and simple way however the transaction time depends on the option you choose. Yes, at W88 mobile casino, you will find many transaction options under the funding section.

At W88, you can make transactions for deposit and withdrawal using bank transfer and internet banking options like Quick Pay, Help 2 Pay, and more. The transactions will require you to fill out a form for deposits and withdrawals and enter your password where required.

Check Out 3 Honest Reviews of Customers Using the W88 Mobile Casino App

Whatever we have said so far about W88 mobile casino is said after thorough research and tests, however, you do not have to take our word for it instead, you can just read the top customer W88 review.

Awang Faisal“W88 Mobile Casino is how I spend my time when traveling to work which is 2 hours away from my residence. It is a fun way to make some money online and also make some friends in the game room.” ~ Awang Faisal
Musaba Nur“I downloaded the W88 Lite app for Sportsbetting as a beginner but ended up liking the W88 casino section more. I learnt how to play most of the casino games thanks to the short tutorial in every game room.” ~ Musaba Nur
Nazim Hafiz“From my salary I keep some money out for my entertainment purposes and recently began depositing the money in the W88 casino wallet. I was delighted to find that I could get RM600 for RM30 on my first deposit!” ~ Nazim Hafiz

In Conclusion

The W88 Mobile Casino app gives you the opportunity to explore the online betting world on a whole other level. Using it, you can play awesome games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and many other more games offered by top game room providers in the betting world. So, join today, make your first deposit and grab the RM600 bonus on Live Casino to play endlessly entertaining games offered by W88.

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