15 Russia Ukraine memes fest amid World war III suspense

Netizens have gone crazy over Putin’s decision on Russia Ukraine war. Well, amid this war try to find some peace scrolling through 15 Russia Ukraine memes!

15 Russia Ukraine memes – Putin everywhere!

In the midst of Russia’s impending invasion of Ukraine, the latter is distributing memes on Twitter. The memes are a clever way of bringing the country’s problems to the forefront of global attention. Start scrolling…






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The global market has been weakened by the Russia-Ukraine issue, as investors have dropped shares across the board as tensions between the 2 countries have risen. Tweeters and investors are posting amusing memes on Twitter in the midst of the crisis that ended in a stock market meltdown.






Concerns over Russia invading Ukraine have prompted the latter to go to Twitter to express its displeasure. While the fears are legitimate, recent tweets from Ukraine’s official Twitter account make light of the issue by posting Russian jokes.






If you haven’t heard, the danger is building in Eastern Europe once again, as Russia prepares to “perform peacekeeping activities” in the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine. Well, take a look at the entertainment page if you feel caught in this Russia Ukraine war!

Russia Ukraine memes – War or peace?

Peeps are generally perplexed, but it doesn’t stop us from making stupid jokes and memes like Russia Ukraine, or any other international problem with a complicated history dating back to the Cold War. If the previous 2 years of the epidemic have left you too jaded to properly grasp the danger of another disaster, laughing out loud can help drown out the inner anguish.

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