W88 Sponsorships partners: Burnley F.C. signs deal 2023-2024

W88 Sponsorships: Burnley F.C. declared official W88 shirt sponsor in 2023-2024. Learn about W88 football sponsor teams and W88 brand ambassadors (2018 to 2024)

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W88 is one of the best online betting platforms on the internet for both sports and casino gaming lovers. This is all thanks to the fact that W88 is one of the few online betting sites on the internet that caters to the needs of many customers worldwide. Not only this, but W88 is also known for being on of the top sponsors for some of the major football teams in the sports domain. In this article, let us look into the different W88 sponsorship deals, which include W88 football sponsor or the W88 shirt sponsor list as well as the W88 Brand Ambassadors over the years.

W88 Burnely F.C. | Official W88 Shirt sponsor for 2023-24

As stated, the W88 betting website has partnered in W88 sponsorship deals with many popular football teams, and thus now have an impressive milestone list as one of the top W88 football sponsor. IN the year 2023 to 2024, W88 added another top football team to their W88 sponsor list, and this team is Burnley F.C., who are now the official W88 shirt sponsor of the betting site.

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor burnley fc

  • The Burnley F.C. W88 Sponsorship deal officially came into existence on the 28th of June in the year 2023. Join the W88 Register with a new account to wager on them and grab bonuses today!
  • This W88 sponsorship deal started off with exciting W88 Promotion bonuses offered to members betting on Burnley F.C. in the sportsbook, as Burnle matches are being prioritized for betting in the W88 sportsbooks via banners.
  • During this tenure, Burnley F.C. will promote the website in return as a W88 Shirt sponsor, which means that the W88 logo will be worn by all the members of the Burnley F.C. team.
  • Moreover, the new W88 Jersey kit for Burnley F.C. with the W88 logo, is available as merch on their official website.
  • Besides this, W88 still offers bonuses on Burnley F.C. matches, along with indulging in charities, campaigns, and more throughout this W88 football sponsor deal.

Who were the W88 sponsorship partners in 2022?

Although the Burnley F.C. W88 footbal sponsor deal is just a new exciting deal added to their impressive milestone list, let us now take a look at their very recent W88 football sponsors for the year 2022. The year 2022 proved to be a good year not only for the W88 website as they gained 2 W88 sponsor deals but also for the W88 Football sponsor teams, as they gained new successes.

25-July-2022 – Fulham F.C. | W88 jersey sponsor

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor fulham fc

  • The first 2022 W88 football sponsor team was none other than Fulham F.C. who signed a deal with W88 on the 25th of July in the year 2022.
  • Since they were W88 shirt sponsors, Fulham F.C.’s players wore the W88 logo on all their kits, which were also sold as merch during the time.
  • W88 offered members and Fulham fans with many exciting W88 Promotion bonuses and more during this tenure for people wagering on the team in their sportsbook.

25-Jan-2022 -Argentine F.A. | W88 Regional Partner

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor argentine fa

  • The second team who were W88 football sponsors for the year 2022, was Argentine F.A., who posed as W88’s Regional Partners in Asia.
  • The Argentine F.A. matches were prioritized for all Asian markets in the W88 Sportsbook section, which you can still wager on for a minimum of RM05 upon making a W88 Register.
  • Moreover, the Argentine F.A. won the World Cup Qatar trophy during this W88 sponsorship deal, which also gave many bettors huge bonuses in return.

An impressive list of W88 Sponsorship teams over the years

 In this section, let us now take a look at some of the previous W88 football sponsor deals that W88 was a part of over the years. Besides the aforementioned 3 W88 football sponsor deals, there are 4 other football teams that were a part of the W88 sponsorship list. Join W88 to wager on any of these teams in the W88 Sportsbook today!

Crystal Palace F.C.

W88 Shirt sponsor 2020

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor crystal palace fc

The W88 Crystal Palace sponsor deal was another one of their successful W88 shirt sponsor deal that begun in 2020 and lasted for an EPL season. During this time, Crystal Palace matches were prioritized in the W88 Sportsbook, and the football team wore the W88’s logo in front of their shirt for the following EPL season in 2020/21.

Aston Villa F.C.

W88 Shirt sponsor 2019

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor aston villa

The Aston Villa W88 sponsorship deal was another success for the betting site as well as the football sponsor team. Aston Villa posed as a W88 shirt sponsor in the year 2019, a deal that lasted for an entire EPL season till 2020. This deal gave Aston Villa fans with new seasonal kits with the W88 logo on the front of the jersey.

Leicester City

Official Betting Partner 2018

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor leicester city

Unlike the other teams in this section, the W88 Leicester City football sponsor deal was a little different. This deal began in the year 2018, wherein Leicester City posed as W88’s official betting partner. As a result, W88 prioritized and promoted all Leicester City matches on their website for the EPL year and also provided many W88 bonuses.

Wolves F.C.

W88 Shirt sponsor 2018

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 football shirt sponsor wolverhampton fc

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club posed as the W88 shirt sponsor for the betting site in the year 2018. Just like the other W88 shirt sponsors, their kit had the W88 logo imprinted on the front of their shirt, which was also available as merchandise on their official website. This W88 Wolves sponsor deal was a success that lasted for two entire EPL years.

W88 Brand Ambassador: Who are they?

In the final section, let us look into the W88 Brand Ambassador who also help promote the W88 brand name across the globe. Over the years, there have been 2 major W88 Brand Ambassadors from the sports domain who partnered with W88 successfully. So, join the W88 website today, verify your account details, and claim the W88 Free Credit of RM30 bonus to wager on some fun football matches!

2021 – ongoing: Brian Lara – Former Cricketer (Trinidad)

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 brand ambassador brian lara

The current W88 Brand Ambassador is Brian Lara who is the only sportsperson in this article with a different background than the others. Brian Lara is one of the most famous cricketers in the Cricker world coming from the Trinidadian team. He began his deal with W88 in the year 2021, which is currently ongoing as he promotes W88’s brand name via interviews, campaigns, and more.

2018 – 2019: Emile Heskey – Former Footballer (England/Liverpool)

w88 sponsorship deal milestone list of w88 brand ambassador emile heskey

Before Brian Lara, the former England and Liverpool player, Emile Heskey posed as the W88 Brand Ambassador in the year 2018. This deal lasted for an entire year till 2019, wherein the famous footballer shed light to the W88’s brand name among many football bettors online via interviews, campaigns, and photoshoots. Emile Heskey’s deal with W88 definitely was a success to boost W88’s name amount many football fans across the globe.


The reason you should know and keep up with the W88 Sponsorship deals is mostly so that you do not miss out on the exciting offers, promotions, and cashback bonuses that come with them. In this article, we have mentioned the major milestones that W88 has come across in their W88 football sponsor journey, where we introduced the W88 Shirt sponsor, W88 Brand Ambassadors, and other W88 sponsor deals that were successful over the years. But the best part is that this list, as in turn this article, will keep updated, as W88 has a long way to go in the future, partnering up with more top teams in the sports domain.

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