W88 Leicester City – Blockbuster Sponsorship for EPL 2018-21

W88 Leicester City was the longest partnership in the history of Football Clubs & Betting Sites sponsorships, it was continued for EPL 2018-21 (Now Terminated).

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History of W88 Sponsor: Leicester City Football Club

Leicester City Football Club, aka the Foxes of Football, is one of England’s oldest football teams who have been one of the most persistent teams to thrive gracefully over the years on the field. First founded in a Bible Class in London as Leicester Fosse, the founders of this team had a great vision for their legacy and they’d be glad to know that they were not wrong. Leicester City, as of now, have reached greater heights and the picture below is a great metaphor for what their success looks like.


Over the years, Leicester City has managed to build their way up by surpassing great milestones in its career. One such great milestone is their sponsorship deal with W88 which can be considered one of the most satisfying football sponsorships of all time as both parties were equally satisfied.

Major Milestones the Foxes have Surpassed

As mentioned above, Leicester City managed to surpass some of the greatest milestones in their career and in recent years have consecutively been on top of their game. Although they have achieved more than this article can fit, here are the top 5 milestones Leicester City Football Club has managed to accomplish as a team.

Leicester City Wins FA Community Shield, August 2021
  1. The Foxes won their first-ever match in 1894 against Rotherham which can be considered a miraculous win as a few days before they lost their first league match.
  2. Through consistent hard work and with a brand new generation, the team managed to win the Premier League with a Championship title in 2014.
  3. 2 years later in 2016, they again won the Championship title by winning the Premier League.
  4. Not very long ago, in 2021, they won their FA Cup and went home as champions.
  5. Some days later, they won the FA Community Shield in the August of 2021.

The W88 Leicester City Sponsorship Sparked Many New Beginnings

Sponsorship deals are very important when it comes to sports teams as well as team members. Luckily in recent years, many sports teams have partnered with prominent online betting sites to create great partnership deals that help both parties promote themselves well. The Leicester City W88 Football Sponsor deal is one of the greatest examples of such a partnership.


  •  In the year 2018 through 2019, W88 was announced as the official partner of the Leicester City Football Club.
  • This partnership deal was satisfying to both parties as they adhered to promoting each other with amazing results.
  • The W88 brand name benefitted Leicester fans across the globe as they could access the app easily to place bets in the W88 sportsbook for Leicester City Matches.
  • While Leicester City benefited as W88 promoted the team via banners and slider images on their official website.

W88 and Leicester Partnership Brings Great Products to Fans

As emphasized above, W88 and Leicester City promoted each other in many impressive ways during their one-year sponsorship. The W88 Website game Leicester City’s matches top priority in the W88 Sportsbook that fans could access anytime from anywhere to place bets on the Foxes of the football team efficiently.

As you can see, W88 also created special slider images, which the team members posed for, to be used as their homepage theme image during their sponsorship.


However, the Leicester City football club took great initiative to promote W88 impeccably as well. Their promotion gave W88 a wider audience to cater to with their online betting services. This fact is pretty impressive considering that Leicester City was not W88’s Shirt Sponsor, which means they did not wear a W88 kit.

Instead, Leicester City promoted the no. 1 online betting site in Malaysia via LED screens and banners on their side of the pitch whenever they played a match. Their promotion helped W88 benefit majorly and W88’s Sponsorship helped Leicester City expand its fanbase all over Asia. So create your account today in the W88 register to get top-notch experience on sports betting online.

Leicester City Decided to Continue Being Partners with W88

When we said that this partnership between Leicester City and W88 was satisfying to both parties, we were talking quite literally because Leicester City decided to continue being partners with W88 for another Premier League season, which was in 2020 through 2021. So signing the contract again, W88 remained Leicester City’s Official Betting Partner.


  • As this partnership continued, W88 continues promoting all of Leceister City’s ongoing and upcoming matches via Live Banners and Images on their Official Website.
  • Whereas, Leceister City continued displaying the W88 brand logo proudly on banners and LED displays on their side of the football pitch whenever they had a match.

As expected, W88’s audience grew more as many Leicester City fans used the site to play and win sports betting on Leicester City online. But sadly, like most good things, this partnership came to an end. But this does not mean W88 stopped giving its fans free gifts for sports betting online for Leicester City and other matches. You can now grab the W88 Free Credit of RM218 on E-Sports Sportsbook and also an extra Free RM30 on Account Verification and First Withdrawal.

Few Words and Great Gratitude by the W88 x Leicester City Managers

The W88 Leicester City Football Sponsorship was satisfying to the players and staff members as a partnership means supporting each other to grow in many ways. This was true at least for those managing both parties behind the scenes.

Hilly Ehrlich, the Business Development Manager at W88 was delighted that they could continue their partnership with the Leicester City Football Club for another season. He also exclaimed that he was glad about the awareness this partnership brings to W88’s brand so that they could deliver quality products to their customers and the Leicester City Football Club fans.

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Leicester City Football Club for the 20/21 season which allows us the opportunity to grow our brand globally. As well as the excellent awareness the partnership brings to us, delivering content together with the players helps bring our customers closer to the action.” – Hilly Ehrlich, Business Development Manager, W88.

Of course, this gratitude was shared not only by one end, because the team members of Leicester City Football Club released a video announcing this sponsorship deal as well as thanking W88 for partnering up with them for another year.


“We’re really pleased that W88 are continuing their partnership with us. It’s great to have such an ambitious brand on board and we look forward to creating more unique content with them for our fans in the UK and around the world to enjoy.” – Harj Hir, Head of Partnerships, Leicester City Football Club.

The Head of Partnerships at Leicester City Football Club, Harj Hir also expressed how pleased he was to continue this partnership and was glad their sponsors are as ambitious as them to grow as a brand. He also promised more exciting content for the fans in Europe via this excellent partnership deal.

Why did this great W88 Leicester City Partnership End?

Well, by now you must be wondering that if this partnership deal was so amazing which game both ends what they wanted then why did it end? This is because of bad timing as most things were shut down due to the Pandemic during their partnership period (2020/21). Since for the 2020/21 European Premier League, there were matches taking place behind closed doors both parties eventually decided to end their contract after two complete years of successful promotion and move ahead on good terms to more new sponsorship deals that come their way.


Although the W88 Leicester City partnership was very satisfying, it has to eventually end. However, both parties continue to be persistent and dominating in their own fields. Thanks to this partnership, Leicester City Football Club fans can visit W88’s official betting site to place their bets on the Foxes of the Football field while W88 backs them up by offering them exciting sportsbook Bonuses. So join W88 today and bet on upcoming Leicester City matches using the RM218 Free Bonus on W88’s European Sportsbook Online.

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