Luis Suarez Suffers from Ankle Sprain and Might Not Make it to Champions League Match

Uruguayan forward and striker, Luis Suarez reportedly strained his ankle at a 4-1 victory against Real Betis last Sunday. Barcelona may be in a pickle with Manchester United, who suddenly gained a major boost from this Suarez’ injury setback. The 32-year-old scored a superb solo move executing the whole defense, putting the team 3-1 during the second half of the game.

During the 90th minute of the match, Lionel Messi was able to score the other three winning goals, marred by the Uruguayan footballer in substitution. Suarez is set to take tests today, according to the official Twitter account of Barcelona. The team is waiting to see the results of the test and to know further the extent of the injury.

It’s highly unlikely that Suarez will not be joining Barcelona in the match against Manchester United on April 10. Traveling to Old Trafford for the first leg will be a struggle for the injured player and will have to wait for further results from the test late today. Barcelona is set to appear in their next La Liga game against Espanyol and then Atletico Madrid at home a week later.  Atletico Madrid is 10 points ahead of Barcelona and is nearing another step away from the La Liga title.

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