Barcelona’s Club Emblem to be Redesigned from the Beginning of 2019-2020 Season  

Barcelona has made a decision to redesign the club’s logo as for the following football season. The present logo was first introduced in 2002. One significant modification to be made is the removal of the letter “FCB” which means Futbol Club Barcelona. It’s been ingrained in the design for more than a century.

In order change for the team to move forward and welcome change, the team got several players to wear the newly updated badge last Thursday. Football star Lionel Messi took the lead and stood with the newly designed logo on his training top.

Before any finalization, the new version of the Barcelona emblem is up for approval upon a membership vote on the 20th of October. In Barcelona’s 119 years, this redesign process is the 11th attempt of the club.

Barcelona is set to establish an annual revenue that will go beyond 1 billion euros by the year 2021. The club’s expenditure is set to reach 929 million euros this season. There’s an expectation that the Spanish power player will make 11 million euros worth of profit.

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