Andre Gomes Acclaims Marco Silva Post £2million Loan from Barcelona  

After signing with the Goodison Park club on loan for a season, Andre Gomes indicated the influence of Everton’s Marco Silva. The amount of £2 million plus other wages of Andre Gomes was paid in order for the 25-year-old to play for the coming season on Merseyside.

The central midfielder finalized the transfer while expressing his enthusiasm with working with a fellow Portugal man Marco Silva. “Everton always was a big option for me, especially after speaking with the coach Marco Silva” Gomes adds.

“Everybody in Portugal knows how Marco Silva works and his abilities as a coach. For me, it was really good to speak to him because I know how good he is and I feel motivated to work with him and to play for Everton, a great club.”

The 25-year-old Portuguese footballer is Everton’s third transfer signed on the actual deadline. He will be making his debut with Everton in their Premier League against the Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday, August 12.

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