Yerry Mina Claimed by Everton for £28.4m After Delayed Transfer Plans with United    

Barcelona’s star defender Yerry Mina has officially been claimed by Everton for a whopping transfer fee of £28.4 million. Since transfer talks with Manchester United has been put to a halt, Everton made its way to make their move and successfully did so at that.

It has been known for a while that the 23-year-old Columbian footballer is geared towards Manchester United. Mina would’ve been the fourth player to arrive at Goodison Park during the transfer window after the club signed Richardson, Joao Virginia, and Lucas Digne.

Yerry Mina has only been with Barcelona since January and only made six appearances since. In his time with Barcelona, he did manage to win La Liga and the Copa del Rey. United’s Marco Silva was greatly interested in Mina, especially because of his performance in the World Cup when he played for Colombia. He would’ve been a key player for Silva’s side of the campaign.

With new promotion tactics Everton has to make with the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the team is yet to launch their Premier League season on Saturday as they host Southampton.

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