Neymar Enraged by Last Minute Penalty to Man United                                      

The PSG and Manchester United match just came to a halt in the Champions League match 1-3 today. The 27-year-old football star took to social media his frustration on the referee Damir Skomina who decided to give Manchester United a penalty right after Diogo Dalot struck PSG defender Kimpembe on the arm.

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford upped the stakes with a spot-kick gaining Ole Solskjaer’s team a 3-1 victory. Rashford had some impressive away goals after the tie finishing 3-3. However, PSG’s Neymar was especially affected by the whole penalty as he sat back watching from the crowd due to a foot injury. He posted his grave disproval on Skomina’s penalty on Instagram and went off to rant about the referees’ lack of basic comprehension when it comes to football.

Neymar called Skomina out and said the whole call-out was rather shameful. ‘And they still let 4 guys that do not understand football look at the slow motion video, this doesn’t happen! The Brazilian soccer star adds. The PSG loss sent the team off the Champions League roster again this season but still has the opportunity to win Ligue 1 and Coup de France.

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