Manchester United’s David de Gea to Get a Raise with Basic Pay of £90m

The Premier League ranking on its most paid player is about to change with Manchester United ready to make David de Gea the place holder for the title. According to the Sunday Times, the team managed by interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in the process of considering a solid offer to the 28-year-old Spanish footballer with a pay package of £90m for the next five years.

This supposed offer was set to overtake the salary of his heavy hitting teammates, Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, and even Arsenal player Mesut Ozil. De Gea’s role in Manchester United is viewed as a high priority by the team’s Ed Woodward. Woodward says that the 28-year-old’s future with the team is something that he is willing to extend past his 2020 contract expiration.

Aside from De Gea, Old Trafford will be seeing Anthony Martial, Ashley Young, and Luke Shaw more often for the next season. These big shot names definitely make a mark on United but sealing the deal with De Gea would be Woodward’s trademark deal. The manager of United has had quite a season with the ongoing effort to find a director for football and a permanent coach for the United team who will do justice to the efforts of Jose Mourinho.

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