14 Kinds of People During Valentine’s Day

February 14th of every year is either a make-it or break-it day for people in relationships, or a day of complete wonder for single people. Hearts day is a day to celebrate and commemorate love in our lives, both in a romantic and platonic way. It can sometimes be swayed as a capitalistic and performative holiday pressuring people to purchase flowers, chocolates, and stuffed bears to reveal your relationship status to the world.

What many people, especially single people looking to change their relationship status, is the hard work and tolerance couples tend to go through to get to Valentine’s Day Scott-free. There are also certain stereotypes that single people tend to either unknowingly participate in or repel from that people in relationships don’t often see. Here are a few truths on what single people and couples embody every Valentine’s Day presented in fourteen memes.

You’ve Probably Encountered at least one of These People on Valentine’s Day…

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The single people who detest cheesy statements

The boyfriends who pick a fight at precisely the wrong time

The single homebodies that use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to break their diets

The boyfriend who demands a good lay on Hearts Day

The perpetually single co-worker who keeps giving the cute guy from HR a nod

The population of people also known as the SSB Squad (Single Since Birth)

Those who quite literally don’t give a sh*t about Valentine’s Day

The emotionally damaged ones who no longer know what love is

The narcissists who just want to get flowers and chocolates for an Instagram post

The lazy boyfriend who decided to call sex his prized Valentine’s Day gift

Couples on social media once February 14th strikes

Lonely singles and overly monogamous people on Facebook

People who are still bitter over a break up that happened a year ago

The hopeless romantics waking up in the morning of February 14

Those who have friends with benefits but caught feelings

It’s Just a Silly Day

The pressure to be an extra good boyfriend or girlfriend has reached intense and preposterous levels. Relying on a day to make up for your mistake or to call quits on your existent fight is utmost absurd and hating on a day meant to be a glutinous performance for couples is also not the way to go. Instead, let’s all just keep in mind that Valentine’s Day may be a highly capitalized holiday and be grateful for other forms of love we receive from our loved ones every day! Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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