Jan Vertonghen Proves his Versatility as Left Wing Back against Borussia Dortmund

In light of Danny Rose’s recent injury, Tottenham Hotspur decided to let Rose sit out of the match against Borussia Dortmund. Thus, Mauricio Pochettino responded with an unusual tactic of having Jan Vertonghen to take on the role of the left-wing back from his position as a central defender, which the 31-year-old took on headstrong with an assist and a goal.

Many people were left wondering why Tottenham’s coach, Pochettino made this questionable move, but it only further proved the 31-year-old’s superb versatility as a football player. After Jadon Sancho left the Spurs during the first half with more challenges to take on, Vertonghen was able to put the England starlet on the back foot.

Vertonghen stayed as an attacking outlet throughout and was eventually in the center forward’s position to score the second. Pochettino definitely almost jumped the gun with an impulse move, but luckily, the Belgian footballer was able to deliver outstandingly for the Tottenham Hot Spurs.

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