First Inside Look on the Biggest Tottenham Shop in Europe Revealed: 23,000 sq. ft. and 100-seater Auditorium!

Tottenham Hotspur has given us a sneak peek to the biggest Tottenham shop in Europe giving super fans and supporters the chance to roam the new stadium. The store measured up to 23,000 square feet and occupies a hundred people in the auditorium along with other terrific features which include the cheese room, a tunnel club, microbrewery, in-house bakery, a sky lounge, retractable pitch, heated seats with USB ports, and even the longest bar in the UK.

All these grand features and accessibility is curated to be part of the “Tottenham Experience.” Avid Tottenham fans are given the opportunity to purchase merchandise and goods from both the Spurs and the NFL.

The 100-seater auditorium is meant to host events before and after matches, with 36 screens all across the walls for fans and guests to experience Tottenham completely. Aside from the viewer experience, the new Tottenham store also has a huge screen for video games which gives users the chance to play FIFA 19 on the PlayStation 4.

These additional features definitely create a different look for fans, which patiently waited in lines outside the shop for the opening to commence. The store also went through some delayed construction for a few months which the Spurs had to remedy with an extension of a studio loan amounting to £500million.

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