Barcelona Midfielder Phillipe Coutinho in Awe of Lionel Messi’s Moves Against Tottenham

Barcelona took a sweeping victory against Tottenham 4-2 in a Champions League match last Thursday. The Spanish team’s victory was of course achieved with Lionel Messi’s phenomenal display of skill which teammate Philippe Coutinho, could not agree with more.

Lionel Messi was able to score twice while also successfully attaining four goals, not to mention his command of the ball over Mauricio Pochettino’s backline. It is no surprise anymore to the rest of the football industry and even the world that the Argentine star delivers in full capacity and momentum. Despite such expectation, Messi never fails to leave his teammates in awe.

The 26-year-old reveals to beIN Sports that “Messi is the best ever, he always does new things on the field. I’m glad he scored two goals.”

“All Champions League matches are like that. We have to be at 100 percent. Today we deserved the victory.” Coutinho adds.

Messi doesn’t just shock his teammates; it seems that Rio Ferdinand was among others who Messi leaves well-impressed.

“I think we can talk about Tottenham and their efforts later on but you have to marvel at this guy here,’ he said. I feel blessed that I was in this stadium live to be able to watch him. I’ll tell my kids about it tomorrow on the school run.” Ferdinand adds.

Lionel Messi has gained around 5 goals in just two matches in the Champions League this early start of the season. The goal to defeat Real Madrid is still number one in his book which we have yet to see later within the season.

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