10 Memes that Depict the Perils of Rejection

Rejection is a common experience for many people and it’s never really a pleasant one at that. Usually, being rejected by a person or an institution has the tendency to take a toll on their emotional stance. It’s not easy witnessing or experiencing rejection because it makes people doubt their worth as individuals, especially for those who are on the quest for a new job.

Other people though, take rejection better and use it to fuel themselves towards better opportunities in other pursuits. Despite that kind of discipline and positive thinking, rejection still hurts and below are some memes that describe that kind of feeling.

10 Relatable Memes on What It’s Like to be rejected

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When your crush rejects your dinner proposal

The Friend Zone: the most common type of rejection

When your skills don’t match the company profile…

Still the most painful kind of rejection

When you have to face the thing that reminds you of that rejection everyday…

Online dating, the earliest stage to a potential rejection

When you’ve gotten all your college rejection letters in one week

When you try to deny the pains of being rejected for a few minutes

When you’ve reached the point where you already know that the answer is a “no”

Turned down prom proposals is a massive source of rejection pains

A No Can Still Be a Go

Getting turned down or being rejected is normal and people everywhere experience it one way or another. The trick is not to let the fear of rejection get to you when trying to accomplish a task or a goal. Staying focused and determined is a must to move past rejection. Sometimes, a temporary “no” can mean a “go” towards a different path.

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