Adorable Old Couple and the Coin-Bottle Prank

The idea of growing old with your spouse is usually a romantic idea to many people, especially the youth. There are many hurdles couples who grow old together go through before establishing a strong foundation and lasting years together. This doesn’t just magically happen, their spark, their love and their relationship change over time but one thing may stay constant and that is their sense of humor.

Proof of this would have to be the old couple in the video. The wife insists on showing her husband a trick using a water bottle and a coin. She convinces him that the coin will appear inside the bottle without having to drop it inside. This persists on until his wife squeezes the bottle while her husband’s face is close to the tip of the bottle. The video ends hilariously with a huge laugh from the couple and just full of smiles for every viewer watching. Click the link above to see more of the adorable action.

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