Stay Safe and Stay Clean from COVID-19!

It’s no surprise that by now, with the whole world dealing with a global pandemic, COVID-19 has changed the normalcy of the world. People are staying home more, several countries are placed on lockdowns, industries and markets are slowly plummeting, stocks are declining, and people are dying because of the novel coronavirus that has hit all corners of the world.

COVID-19, a notorious respiratory virus that started in Wuhan, China has managed to kill more than 20,000 people to date. Almost 500,000 cases in, according to Worldometers, COVID-19 is definitely something not to take lightly. However, staying home and staying clean are still helpful ways to help save lives. Besides, the best thing you can do is to wash your hands, learn proper sanitation, and practice good hygiene in a time that requires everyone to be anything but dirty.

> Take US President Donald Trump’s advise in the video below, in a funny and lyrical video advising everyone to wash your hands!


Wash your hands, folks!

It’s not anything new or exciting, but washing your hands is really the only sure-fire way to prevent you from catching the COVID-19. Spend a minute or two thoroughly cleaning your hands and make sure you get every crevice and surface of your hand sparkling clean. Fight the coronavirus and wash your hands, because clearly, a world leader like Donald Trump does, which means, so can you! Stay safe, stay clean, and stay in!

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