Premier League Players to be Quarantined in Hotels as a means to Shorten the Season

In an attempt to shorten the football season, EFL and the Premier League are in talks to quarantine the players as the season resumes. Strict hotel quarantine may be implemented once the matches commence which will have players live apart from their families to name one of the plans by the EFL and Premier League.

No final talks have been made, as well as decisions in this effort. However, major stakeholders of English football are still in the process of devising effective and full-proof ways to complete the season without jeopardizing the health of the players and staff. So far, the two governing bodies are keen on completing the season by June 30th but are said to be a desperate last resort which clubs are keen on avoiding as it paves a way towards several contractual and legal complications.

The reality that the global pandemic brought about by COVID-19 has set for the industry brings the realistic return of the football season in the latter part of May close to June. Thus, the plausible set up of the players bouncing from training grounds to stadiums to their hotels only, which will have to go through a thorough deep-cleaning process to ensure the players are safe throughout the season with minimal risk of infection, the Daily Mail reports.

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