Premier League’s topnotch clubs anticipating the impact of COVID-19 closing down sporting events

As the notorious global pandemic also known as the COVID-19 sets chaos into various parts of the world, several industries including the football industry which are anticipating the severe impact on the Premier League due to the virus. With several European governments banning mass gatherings in stadiums, parks, football fields, and other public spaces, major executives from all twenty clubs will hold talks via a conference call come Thursday, 19TH of March.

The big decision to abandon the campaign by having a huge impact on the league long term. In terms of financial and legal effects, the change is expected to severely dent the operations of the league and its sporting events in the future. With several restrictions and prohibitions placed on the league’s operations extending until the end of July 2020, many of the players’ contracts will come to an end in June, the situation could escalate and leave drastic effects on the internal teams itself.

There are current plans to cap crowds at 500 attendees per match but several people have posted their skepticism towards the alternative plans as stage games will be anticipated to fall below the minimum requirement to broadcast games and facilitate catering, along with other safety measures. A number of clubs will be pushing to make a final decision this coming week in order to facilitate the transfer window for several clubs.

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