Play like a Pro: How to Play the Fish Prawn Scratch to Win Lottery Game in W88

W88 has a ton of lottery games and with everyone at home due to a global pandemic, online leisure and entertainment are in high demand. Stay home and explore the w88 lottery section where a new game called Fish Prawn Scratch to Win is available to all w88 members to play. This superb new game is easy and simple to play. It literally takes five minutes to learn and maybe even master! Explore this new game and play wherever you please, whether it’s on a desktop or in the w88 mobile app, it’s a new game that’s sure to get you amused with its superb graphics and entertaining interface.

3 Steps on How to Play a W88 Lottery Scratch Game

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STEP 1: Select Lottery in the menu bar and click Fish Prawn Scratch to Win

The first step w88 members and lottery players have to do are to locate the new Fish Prawn Crab Scratch to Win a game in the Lottery section in the menu bar, located on the upper right corner of the menu bar. Those who wish to play without money can click “Try” to proceed. Those who wish to play with real money right away, select “Play” to move forward.

STEP 2: Select your preferred buy-in amount or betting range

Once you have logged in to your w88 account and selected the Fish Prawn Crab Scratch to Win a game on the menu bar, w88 members will be asked to select the betting limit or buy-in amount they prefer for the game.

STEP 3: Start Scratching and Winning!

Now that you’ve been directed to the game itself, start placing your bets and ensure you click “Confirm” and wait for “Bet Success” to come up to make sure your bet came through.

The object of the game is rather simple, players just have to know the beyt types and predict the scratch card result. If the result matches the player’s guess, the player wins.

The odds of winning are as follows:

  • Single symbol match – 1:2
  • Double symbol match – 1:3.50
  • Triple symbol match – 1: 6
  • Any Triple – 1: 34.80

Players will get to see the bet result after every round through a pop-up message.

Scratch and Win Lotto Game at W88

Lottery games at w88 are simple, quick, and easy to learn, giving players the leeway to bet on their favorite games of choosing. W88 tutorials are also accessible to all members to further understand the process of placing wagers in live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and sportsbooks with superb video tutorials for guidance. Placing wagers on Fish Prawn Scratch and Win at w88 lottery is a sure-fire way of getting that quick win and gaming fix in just a tap of a button.

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