Is Blackjack online rigged & fake | 5 tricks to expose truth

5 Ways to know is online Blackjack rigged: 1. License 2. Multiple views monitoring 3. Virtual dealers over Live 4. Read reviews & 5. Understand blackjack rules.

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Online casino games are fun to play at websites like W88 Malaysia however, if you are not too careful with where you are playing then you could end up getting caught up in many fraudulent activities online. This is something many budding or pro gamblers should avoid at all cost but what is more important is knowing the basics about the legality of online casinos in Malaysia. So, in this article, we will talk about whether is online Blackjack rigged, the legality of casinos, and 5 ways to know whether the blackjack room you select is legit or fake!

The laws of gambling in Malaysia

Before we look into whether blackjack games online is legit or fake let us first address some legal gambling laws in Malaysia. In Malaysia, gambling to some extent is allowed, which means that you can play the lotto or casino games at certain places in the country. However, when it comes to online gambling, especially sports betting, not many laws of Malaysia agree to it.

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Yet, there are many online casinos that provide gamblers with online game rooms to play games like Blackjack online as getting a license from a foreign company that is approved by their Ministry of Finance makes it alright to play casino games online. So, when it comes to the question Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia, then the answer can be yes as long as the site has a legal foreign license.

That being said, it is important to note that not every online casino site is legal in the country, in fact, these sites operate legally online and thus globally. Such sites should be avoided at all costs and further down the article, we will introduce you to certain tips on how you can do so.

Is online Blackjack rigged in Malaysia?

The answer to this question is no but a yes, which means that online Blackjack games are not rigged as long as you pick the right online betting site to play the game. Picking the correct betting site with a legal foreign license is important as it will provide you with legal blackjack game room and professional live dealers to play the blackjack game online.

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  • Legal blackjack casinos have their dealers trained professionally, so even if the dealer tries to cheat the players, their career would be at stake.
  • Additionally, most legal online casinos and game rooms offer live dealer camera view which you and the thousands of people playing with you can monitor. So, if the online blackjack game room is caught in any fraudulent act then they can be immediately reported.
  • In fact, these days most professional and legal gambling sites take strict action against players who cheat so, the relationship between the online casinos and players is tied by trust where both parties can get equally damaged if they try to cheat.

In fact, to avoid fraudulent acts in Blackjack games online, most online casinos play with more than 1 deck of cards so the cards being dealt will have more randomness and players cannot use card counting Blackjack strategies. In short, when it comes to the question is Blackjack online rigged, then the answer would be no as long as you choose a legal and secure online gambling site. Join sites like W88 by creating an account in the W88 Register as it own a legal and secure license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

Reasons why people think Blackjack online is rigged

If legal online blackjack casinos are not rigged, then the question arises about why people still feel that they are being cheated on in blackjack game rooms. In fact, this is something that we have experienced too when trying to figure out the ways in which you can know online Blackjack is rigged, but interestingly, there is a psychological phenomena behind this!

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  • The reason many people feel that Blackjack online is rigged when learning How to Play Blackjack Online is because people lose more rounds than they win in blackjack game rooms.
  • However, this is again a trick played by the brain where people think that they have lost more than won, as the brain focuses more on negative events than positive events.
  • Besides this, the thrill of gambling often makes many people forget that Blackjack is a game of luck and skill that can be played using Blackjack strategies.
  • So, without these skills and strategies, many gamblers may indeed be losing more rounds than they should because they are playing against live dealers that are professionally trained with these strategies and skills to make the house win more.

Such scenarios often lead many gamblers to react angrily and assume that it is that online casino’s fault for being a fraud and fake when in fact it is their error for not playing the game using some strategies calmly. Having a calm and observant mind when playing games like Blackjack online is important to win more and this is exactly what differentiates pros from rookies.

How can you know if an online Blackjack casino is rigged?

With the above topic being discussed, it is very important to note that there are some online blackjack casinos that could be rigged but with our experts we have figured out 5 ways in which you can tell how Blackjack online is rigged or not. These 5 points are the basic things you should make notice of when you play at any online casino site. However, it is highly recommended to select and choose one online gambling site which is legal to get more benefits like the W88 Promotion at W88 would give you many bonuses.

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  1. No Live dealer camera: In most online casinos games rooms to pay blackjack online, the first thing that you will notice is a live dealer sitting on a chair in front of a blackjack table dealing cards. If you do not notice this in the online casino you select, then immediately know that this game room is not a good one to play blackjack online. This would enable you to see the way the live dealers are playing which could also be helpful to analyze their gameplay for strategic purposes. The W88 Live Casino offers Blackjack and other casino game rooms with live dealer camera that have a multiview option.
  2. Cards are not dealt on screen: Another important thing that we noticed when looking for good blackjack game rooms was that in some casinos online, blackjack had helpers that dealt the cards on screen besides the dealer whenever a deck was about to get over. This is a great way to tell whether an online casino game is legit because cards being dealt on camera would also give you a sense of assurance that the game room you selected is a safe place to stake real money.
  3. Live dealer is slower in dealing cards: It is mentioned above that Live dealers have a way of dealing cards professionally and to keep the thrill, the cards must be dealt quickly. However, another small detail we notice is that some online casinos offer game rooms where there is a slight delay between the dealing of the cards and the scoreboard. Most online casinos have scoreboard or a table in which the cards that are dealt are shown for a better view. Sometimes, the cards on this table appear before the dealer pulls out the card, which is something you should look out for!
  4. Game room provider has many bad reviews: An obvious way to tell which online casino you should keep away from is the reviews. Most reviews are given by the people who play and are almost daily customers on online betting sites. Reading reviews on forums like Reddit or Quora is a best way to know which online betting site is a good one and which is a bad one. Additionally, you can also know which game room pays out more and which ones pays out less. That being said, online reviews about game rooms by professional players are one of the best rookie Blackjack Tricks to use as they offer the best blackjack rooms recommendations that can payout more on your wins.
  5. Online casino does not have relevant links on homepage: Lastly, most online casinos should offer relevant links like the link to their updated license, link for responsible gambling, link to gambling therapy, link to their game room providers, etc. at the very end of the homepage. These links are usually given by the license provider or the company that approves of the site, and thus, having these links on their homepage is a great proof of knowing that the online casino is legit and their offered game rooms of Blackjack online is not rigged.

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Top 5 ways to make sure your Blackjack game is legit

In the final part of this is Blackjack online rigged article, we will give you 5 tips on how you can make sure your online Blackjack game is legit and not fake. These Blackjack Tips must be kept in mind when looking for the above mentioned clues as well as it will help you immediately identify good online Blackjack game rooms that are not rigged.

  1. Foreign license provided should be legal: The online casino offering you with Blackjack game rooms should have a legal license from a foreign company but what is even more important is that the license providers should come from a legal background too. In Malaysia, the best license providers are Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, Interactive Gaming, Curacao e-Gaming, etc. as these are approved by the government of their respective countries.
  2. Live dealer camera should have multiple views: Even if your online casino blackjack game room has a live dealer camera, you should always make sure they offer you with multiple views to see the table they are placing bets on. Doing so would enable you to not only the see gameplay more clearly but having multiple camera angles prove that the online casino blackjack game room does not have anything to hide!
  3. Play using Virtual dealers over Live ones: Another way to make sure your live dealer is not cheating you in Blackjack is by switching them with Virtual dealers. Virtual dealers are animated dealers that operate with the RNG system. Playing Blackjack or any online casino games using RNG systems is a great way to ensure security as these systems are based on total randomness. That being said, you can also observe the gameplays of this game room and get a hang of the pattern used by the system to come up with a Blackjack Strategy.
  4. Read reviews of the site or by pro players: Like mentioned above, reading reviews of the online gambling site you select is extremely important to find a legit blackjack game room. One of the best things you can do is take pro advice on forums or via videos on YouTube. Additionally, you can use the live chat feature in the game room, which is another must, to interact with other players and understand if the game room is a good one or a bad one.
  5. Understand the basic Blackjack rules thoroughly: Lastly, it is very important to know your playground and its rules very well. Playing Blackjack is easy however, it is important to note that not all blackjack game rooms follow the same rules as some have more than 1 table and some have speed rounds. So, it is important to look at the rules of the blackjack game room the online casino offers. If they adhere to the basic rules then you are good to go but if the rules itself seem fishy then you must avoid the game room.

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This is how you can tell whether Is Blackjack Online Rigged or not in the live casino you select. Using legal and secure online casinos with a foreign license that also comes from a legal background is very important when playing the game online. Additionally, it is important to use your observation skills and observe the demeanor of the live dealer via the must-have multiview live dealer camera. Using these simple things as a precaution whenever you play online could save you from a lot of fraudulent activities.

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