5 Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

As promised this month, W88 Malaysia talked about the W88 Live Casino Club series. We already talked about the W88 Club Massimo. We are also done with W88 Club Palazzo. And now, for the last but never the least W88 Live Casino Club, we would be talking about W88 Club W Grand!

Every W88 Live Casino club has its own uniqueness and edges. So if you wanna know what makes W88 Club W Grand different from the other two, just keep your eyes scrolling!

1. Asian-styled casino gaming

If W88 Club Palazzo is an American-styled casino and W88 Club Massimo is European-styled, W88 Club W Grand offers Asian-styled casino gaming! 

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

W88 W Club Grand is considered to be grand, as its name suggests because it is dedicated to the impressive Asians who have been ruling the betting field since then.

We are not saying Americans and Europeans do not. It’s just that, W88 came from an Asian country, so most of its players opt for the Asian-styled. Thus, makes this club: W88 Club W Grand the grandest!

2. Virtual and live casinos officiated by real and e-dealers

W88 Club W Grand offers numerous variations of casino games. Yup, aside from the charming Asian dealers, there are lots of casino gaming to choose from here in this club!

And actually, W88 Club W Grand features two casinos divided into Club W Premier with virtual dealers and Club W Gold with real-person dealers.

Live casinos with live dealers

Same as the other two, W88 Club W Grand has live dealers as well. Actually, not just live dealers per se, but live beautiful Asian dealers officiating the game.

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

Almost similar to the other clubs and other websites, you are like playing the traditional and actual casino here because a real person would deal with the game. The only instance is: you are playing online, behind the help of your screen. 

If you already miss going to the actual casino, this is for you! Or, if you want to go to the casino, but are too tired to travel outside, this is perfect for you, too! This is so accessible, so for sure, wagers would love this!

Virtual casinos with virtual dealers

Yes, here at W88 Club W Grand, there are both virtual and live casinos! Meaning? W88 Club W Grand is a one-of-a-kind that gamers can choose between virtual and live dealers whom you would want to officiate your game.

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

If you want a person officiating your e-game, can do it! But if you want something new, you might want to go with virtual casino games like the Virtual Baccarat. It is the best seller in Club W Premier, so rest assured you would love the experience!

While the virtual dealers are also live, the difference is that it is animated. It looks like a cartoony, anime-y character that is only made for W88. No other online gambling website has this that makes W88 Club W Grand, truly the grandest!

3. One on one fight: Player versus dealer

So, here in W88 Club W Grand, games like Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger are offered. While multiple tables are also offered, here at W88 Club W Grand, one-on-one gaming with the W88 dealers is provided for most of the time.

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

This direct feature by W88 Club W Grand is appreciated by a lot because they are not overwhelmed. In just a click, they already have a room! Because in multi-tables, there are lots of choices. While it is also good, sometimes, you waste your time thinking about what room to enter. 

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

But here at W88 Club W Grand, that is not a worry! And even if W88 Club W Grand offers a multi-table, there is just one room, so you would be redirected in your desired casino game in just a snap! True, that is the beauty of one specific room available for gamers.

4. Grand, impressive interfaces

So aside from the impressive gaming and dealing features, you know what adds grand to W88 Club W Grand? Its user-friendly interface on both PC and mobile versions!

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

As said in the previous number, W88 W Club Grand is a direct live casino. No twists and turns, so for sure, gamers would not have a hard time scrolling here and there. The interface is easy to understand, so there would be quick gaming. Thus, easy money, baby! Visit Evolution gaming live casino and explore incredible casino games to gamble on.

5. Score a 20% Welcome Bonus up to 600 MYR

W88 gives away lots and lots and lots of bonuses, freebies, and promotions for its loyal and new members! One of which, W88 is currently offering a welcome bonus of 20% up to 600 MYR for W88 Club W Grand!

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

To get these exciting promos, you just need to register an account at W88. Then, make sure to deposit or transfer at least 30 MYR to your W88 wallet. Real story bro, you could claim this product if you just follow the terms and conditions of W88! Easy peasy, right!

5 Main Reasons Why W88 Club W Grand is the Grandest W88 Club

A Prime W88 Live Casino: W88 Club W Grand

W88 Club W Grand is not called grand without a reason. Asian-styled casino with various games, done! You can even select the dealer that you want! Fun times money? W88 Club W Grand!

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