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Play W88 Club Massimo Games: Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo & Hollywood tables with Just RM0.5! Register W88 & claim Free credit of RM30 for Malaysian Players Only.

W88 Live Casino  W88 Club Massimo  W88 Free RM30

W88 has been home to many exciting products for a long time now and one of the most crowded places on the site is the Live Casino domain because Malaysian bettors love playing online casino betting with a classic interface and beneficial live casino game room provided by prominent Live Casino Clubs affiliated with the W88 Site.


Today we are introducing you to one such amazing club which gives its customers some of the authentic live casino betting experiences you can find online. This club is the one and only W88 Club Massimo brought to you by MG Live. Here, you will find game rooms with authentic blue-coloured, European-styled tables giving the entire domain a classy old-school interface.

Why Choose W88 Club Massimo?

W88 offers you many casino clubs that you can use to place bets but as beginners, you will find Club Massimo the most attractive because of its simple yet elegant interface. However, do not let looks fool you because W88 Club Massimo has many great features beneficial to both pros and newbies because it caters to almost every gambler needs.


  1. Global-Minded Dealer Team: Club Massimo consists of highly skilled dealers who are trained in the Asian Casino style properly to deliver the best experience to its customers globally. Thus, W88 Club Massimo welcomes its customers from across the globe.
  2. Data-Driven to Enhance Experience: W88 Club Massimo always analyzes data and updates its interface with new features that appeal to pros and beginners likewise. They keep enhancing their game rooms and style to cater to a wider audience for the best live casino experience.
  3. Always a Step Ahead with Quality: Trends are something that Club Massimo does not follow but are the ones ahead constantly setting new trends. Offering its customers one of the most welcoming online game rooms for everyone, they have managed to be one of the best live dealers in the betting world.
  4. Multiple Table Option: One of the features which is appreciated by high rollers is the Multi-Table option which is simple to use yet very useful. With this, you can place bets online on multiple W88 Club Massimo game room tables and even switch views without losing any updates on all tables.
  5. Classy Casino Styled: Lastly and most importantly, W88 Club Massimo’s products are very welcoming because they appear classy yet easy to navigate at first glance. Not only this but they offer some of the classic casino games that are easy to play for many which is a great way to boost your casino gameplay online.

Playing at W88 Club Massimo will make you always pick W88 Club Massimo as your go-to W88 Live Casino provider because of how simple to use yet rich it is. So, if you want to kickstart your gambling journey, then join W88 today and play classic casino games at the Club Massimo Game rooms.

Access W88 Club Massimo Games in 2 Simple Steps

For the elegant simplicity W88 Club Massimo offers, accessing the games from the W88 Official Website is very simple as well. All you must do is follow these 2 steps to reach one of the best places in the online betting world.

Step 1: Join W88 as a Member and Visit Live Casino

  • In order to access the W88 Club Massimo you must first register an account on the W88 official website.
  • However, to reach the W88 official website, you must first find a safe pathway by accessing the website’s link via W88you.info.
  • Once you have reached W88’s official Website, click on ‘Join‘ to create an account.


  • Here, you will have to enter your details accurately including your username and password online.
  • Once you have completed creating an account in the W88 Register, then you must log in successfully.
  • Then click on ‘Live Casino‘ which is available on the W88 Homepage to continue the process in step 2.

Step 2: Explore W88 Club Massimo’s Exciting Products

  • After you enter the Live Casino domain on the W88 official website, you will find that there are many game rooms available by top prominent game room dealers.
  • However, since you want to access W88 Club Massimo, you must filter out your search options by clicking on ‘Club Massimo‘ from the ribbon bar above.


  • This will filter out your search to provide you with all the available game rooms that Club Massimo has on its affiliated website W88.

However, when you click on any one of the game rooms, you will be taken to a new tab in your browser specifically made for those who want to play in the W88 Club Massimo domain. Here, you will find even more interesting online casino things, let’s take a look at them.

Top 4 Casino Games at W88 Club Massimo

Now that you have been introduced to the simple way of accessing the W88 Club Massimo domain, let us look at the games that you can play there regardless of whether you are a high roller pro or a newbie budding gambler.

Play Online Baccarat for RM20

The first game room that you will find most appealing is the online Baccarat Game room. Baccarat has been one of the most popular casino games loved by many gamblers online. This is because it is a game that is easy to learn and fun to play.

Minimum Betting Stake: RM20


  • When playing Baccarat you must place your bets on either the Player or Banker before the timer ends. You can also place your bets on a Tie option on the table.
  • There are also many side bets you can place such as Odd/Even, Player Pair, Banker Pair, etc.
  • Whichever side gets the overall sum of 9 or a number closer to 9, based on the Baccarat rules, wins the bets.

Hollywood Tables Start at RM5

One of the most interesting games, apart from Baccarat, that most online gamblers in Malaysia love is Hollywood Tables as it is an advanced form of Baccarat gameplay combining the Dragon Tiger game pattern as well.

Minimum Betting Stake: RM5


  • Playing Hollywood Tables at W88 Club Massimo is all about knowing your betting odds and placing the right bets.
  • Here, you can choose to bet on Player, Tie, Banker, Dragon, Tiger, and more, which makes this game a combination of two famous casino games, Baccarat and Dragon Tiger.
  • Here, if the bets you placed for RM5 only get the highest ranking card then you win the round.

Spin the Roulette Online for RM1 Only!

Every gambler online loves spending their time playing Roulette online and thus, W88 Club Massimo introduces Roulette game rooms that begin with a minimum betting rate of RM1 only! With this, you can place many bets when learning how to play Roulette here and enjoy the classic casino game online.

Minimum Betting Stake: RM1


  • Playing Roulette is easy and with live casinos these days, it has become easier as well as accessible.
  • All you have to do is place bets on the numbers on the table between 0-36. Of course, you can make side bets as well.
  • Then the dealer will spin the ball on the Roulette Wheel to reveal a number based on which the winner of the round is determined.

Predict Outcomes for RM2 at Sic Bo

Another famous and beginner-friendly online casino game, which has also persisted for a very long time, is the Dice game, Sic Bo. Playing Sic Bo is equally easy as the games above and winning the game is easier as well because of all the betting options you can choose from.

Minimum Betting Stake: RM2


  • To know how to play Sic Bo online, you first have to make a bet determining the sum of the 3 dice’s top when they stop rolling.
  • Like other games, there are many side bets you can make too to increase your winning rate.
  • Then the dealer will roll the dice using a dice rolling machine specifically designed for Sic Bo games, if your prediction is accurate or close to accurate depending on the bets you made, then you win the bet.

Additional Features of Club Massimo Online

If you think this is all that the W88 Club Massimo offers then you are wrong because hidden in this amazingly designed live casino online, are many small features that come in handy for most online gamblers.


  1. Offers Inbuilt Help Center: The Club Massimo domain offers you inbuilt customer service which you can access within a few clicks. Not only that but you can also get a ready-made FAQ list which allows you to look for the answers you need efficiently.
  2. Records Betting History: Betting history is important for those bettors who like using online casino strategies. This becomes easier for such bettors using W88 Club Massimo because it offers its customers an easy way to access their betting history.
  3. Knowledge Packed Casino Rules Book: Specifically made for beginners and those who love reading the rules before placing their bets, W88 Club Massimo also offers a section specifically made for the rules and the casino games it offers which you can access even while playing the live game online.

In Conclusion

The minimalistic style of W88 Club Massimo is appealing to many gamblers online and if you join here today, you will understand what we mean by it. Its easy-to-navigate and use interface as well as its limited classic casino games give online bettors a chance to bet with quality in the most efficient way possible. Not only this but its affiliate offers new customers a bonus of free RM30 which you can claim upon account verification and a successful withdrawal after playing online casino games at Club Massimo online.

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