W88 Club Palazzo: Playtech Online Casino Games for RM5 ONLY!

W88 Club Palazzo, also known as Playtech, offers Exclusive Live Casino Games for RM5. Join W88 Malaysia & Grab Welcome Bonus of up to RM600 with Code W100SPZ20.

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Introduction to W88 Club Palazzo

In Malaysia, online gambling is the most fun way most people can spend their time as well as earn some extra cash by winning. However, finding a good online site with a good casino club can be difficult. Luckily, the W88 online casino site exists and on the site exists one of the most amazing casino clubs, Club Palazzo. If you want to know what is amazing about this club then stick around to the very end of this article.

Why Choose W88 Club Palazzo?

Why is Club Palazzo by Playtech the best online casino club and why should you go for it? If you have questions like these then you have come to the right place as we will be introducing you to all the amazing things you can play as an online gambler at the W88 Club Palazzo.


  1. Caters to Beginners and Pro Gamblers: One of the most noticeable features of Club Palazzo is that it offers products which appeal to both new players as well as pros. Using the W88 Playtech online casino game rooms at Club Palazzo, you will gain the best user experience you can have in the betting world online.
  2. Blends Asian & European Casino Styles: The second most noticeable feature is the overall theme in most of the game rooms which is the perfect blend of Asian and European Casino styles where you will find skilled Live dealers trained in these style.
  3. Offers One of the Best Cashback Bonus: Lastly and most importantly, the club Palazzo casino at W88 offers you one of the best cashback offers you will find in the online betting world. This offer gives you a bonus of RM600 free credit! To know more about this cool W88 Casino Bonus, read on!

Access W88 Club Palazzo in 2 Simple Steps

Before we get to what are the products offered by the W88 Club Palazzo, let us first introduce to the easiest way to access the W88 Club Palazzo game rooms where you can play with ease and explore the amazing world of Club Palazzo online.

Step 1: Join W88 and Visit Live Casino

  • The first thing you must do to play at Club Palazzo is to join W88 by registering an account in the W88 register.
  • You must click on ‘Join‘ which will take you to the W88 form which you have to fill out accurately and top it off with a unique username and strong password.


  • Then you must use the login credentials to successfully log into the W88 website by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • Once done, you must click on the ‘Live Casino‘ section to enter W88’s Online casino domain.

Step 2: Explore Club Palazzo Casino Games

  • When you enter the W88 Live Casino domain, you will find many exciting game rooms you can play from.
  • Here, you can filter out your options based on games as well as game rooms, and even look up individual games through the search bar.


  • However, since you want to access the Club Palazzo domain, you will have to click on ‘Club Palazzo‘ to narrow down your search results to Playtech game rooms.
  • Once done, you will find many rooms you can select to play different types of games. Click on any one of them and you will be taken to a new tab exclusively for Club Palazzo game rooms.

W88 Club Palazzo Offers Exciting Casino Games

Let us now take a look at all the amazing products you can access at the W88 Club Palazzo section. Here you can play most games with ease as well as learn how to play new games because all game rooms have inbuilt game rooms.

#1 Roulette Games Start at RM1

One of the most famous casino games which is loved by pros and newbies is Roulette. Online roulette is the most fun game to play it is also easy to learn. Placing bets on Roulette is also fun because here you have to use your best roulette strategies to place bets in patterns that could help you win.


  • At Club Palazzo, you can find many Roulette variant including American Roulette where you use two 0s on the Roulette betting table.
  • Here, you must place bets on numbers between 0, 00 to 36 with additional side bets like Odd/Even, Dozen bets, column bets, Black/Red, etc.
  • Then to know whether your bet prediction is accurate, the dealer will spin the ball on the Roulette wheel which will determine the fate of your bet.

#2 Play Online Baccarat for RM5

One of the most famous casino games in Asia is online W88 Baccarat which you can play for only RM5 at Club Palazzo. This game appeals to new joiners more and is a great way to develop your gambling skills by learning how to play Baccarat online.


  • Here, you have to place bets on the Player, Banker or Tie by placing chips on any one of them.
  • You can also opt for side bets to earn extra cash as the payout you get from side bets is pretty good too.
  • The outcome of the game, meaning the winner of the round, depends on which side gets the number 9 or a number closer to 9 when both the card ranks dealt to them are added up.

#3 Blackjack Game Rooms Start From RM20

One of the games many high rollers love as well as a casino game which is challenging for new gamblers is Blackjack. This game can be considered the most elegant casino game because it is played against the dealer for higher betting stakes and even higher payouts. Thus, if you decide to play Blackjack at Club Palazzo, then you might need some Blackjack tricks to help you win.


  • As mentioned above, Blackjack is an online casino game which is played against a live dealer in the game room.
  • This game also has many betting rounds as well as side bets which adds more excitement to the thrills of gambling online.
  • Here, whoever gets the sum of the hand ranks to be exactly 21 or up to 21 via the betting rounds, wins the overall game round.

#4 Predict Sic Bo Outcomes with RM0.5

If you want to play a fun and chill casino game then you should learn how to play Sic Bo, the three-dice game. The gameplay of Sic Bo is easy to understand and also it is easy to win the betting rounds because Sic Bo offers you many betting options to choose from.


  • When you play the Sic Bo game online, you must place your bets on the table to determine the overall sum of all three dice.
  • You can also bet on high/low, and big/small bets alongside the main bets to determine the outcome.
  • When the winner of the game is declared when the dice stop rolling on the specialized Sic Bo dice roller device and the top side of the dice are added together.

#5 Play Your Best Hands at Poker for RM2.5

If you want to play a fast-paced game with many variants which would require you to use heavy skills and wit then Poker online is the casino game you should play at the Club Palazzo casino online. What is even cooler is that there are many poker variants you can play over here.


  • The Poker game is something which is most loved by online casino players because of how fast-paced it is and because of the many betting rounds.
  • Here, you must be quick with identifying the best card hand you can make from all the required cards as it will determine who will take the Poker pot home.
  • Poker has many variants such as Texas Holdem Poker, Teen Patti, 3 Card Brag, Casino Holdem, etc, whose game rooms are available at Club Palazzo.

#6 Dragon or Tiger? Bet with RM5

Another fun game like Baccarat enjoyed by most Malaysian gamblers online is Dragon Tiger, a betting game which is even more fun to play. Learning how to play Dragon Tiger is recommended for new bettors as it is the easiest casino game you can place bets on and win as well for only RM5.


  • Here, you must bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie to determine which side will be dealt with the higher-ranking card.
  • As you can see, you can make side bets as well like Big/Small, Odd/Even, Dragon Big/Small, Tiger Odd/Even, etc.
  • Then the dealer deals two cards on each side and as mentioned, whichever side gets the higher ranking card wins the bet.

#7 Bet on Hi-Lo for RM4

Another easy way to spend time chilling at the Club Palazzo domain is by playing Hi-Lo, where the betting options are as easy as winning the rounds of Hi-Lo. The rules of the game are in the name itself but with the entertaining gameplay offered by Playtech’s Live Dealers, the game becomes more interesting.


  • In the Hi-Lo game, a card is pulled out which is called the Snap. This card will be placed at the centre of the Hi-Lo table.
  • You must then place your bets on either the high or low sides to determine whether the wheel spun will stop on a rank higher than the Snap card or lower than it.
  • To spice the rules up, you can even try betting on the side bets to determine whether the wheel will stop at Ace, King, etc.

#8 Play Game Showdowns for RM0.20

For those who love how to play Sports betting, this section is for you as you can play sports betting but in a casino style. Using the 1X2 or H2H sports betting option, Club Palazzo got creative and invented this casino game where you can place the aforementioned sports bets using cards to determine the outcome.


  • As you can see, the table is designed in a Dragon/Tiger or Baccarat Style with Home Team, Away Team, and Draw as the main betting option.
  • Here you must place your bets on any of these as well as you can use the additional side bets to win more.
  • To determine the winner of the round, the dealer will deal cards and which side that gets the higher-ranking card wins the game.

#9 Spin the Wheels for RM0.50

Last but not least, you can enjoy live spin-the-wheels games which feel like how to play Lottery online with a Roulette touch. Here you can enjoy the game as a live show too by making mental bets online. This is one of the most entertaining domains in W88 Club Palazzo online.


  • As you can see, there are many betting options with card rankings and clubs on the table which includes a huge roulette-like wheel.
  • Here, you must place your bets on any of these combinations of card rankings and clubs for RM0.50 only.
  • The wheel is then spun after a while to determine the winner of the round who will then receive wholesome payouts.

Grab Free Bonus of RM600 on Club Palazzo Games

Want to play all of these amazing games but do not want to spend much from your pocket? It is understandable as W88 Promotion offers one of the best bonus deals in the betting world for Club Palazzo’s game rooms.


  • Upon creating a new W88 account, you will have to deposit some amount of money in your casino wallet to play online casino games.
  • So, when depositing the minimum amount which is RM  30, you must enter the bonus code ‘W100SPZ20‘ to lock up to RM 600 in your account.
  • To unlock the bonus, you must complete the rollover requirement up to 25 times on Playtech Club Palazzo games and slot games.

Download the Club Palazzo Playtech App

For those who dislike playing online casino games on the browser, do not worry, because you can still access all the amazing games at W88 Club Palazzo by downloading the Club Palazzo Playtech app.


  • You can make the W88 App for Club Palazzo on android phones by scanning the QR code from the W88 official website under the live casino domain.
  • The download takes place in less than 5 minutes and is a very smooth process where you can access all the above-mentioned games and offers in the most efficient way possible.
  • You can also download the PC app by finding the download link on the W88 official website.

Pros & Cons of Playtech Online Casino: W88 Club Palazzo

We have introduced you to all the amazing things that the W88 Palazzo club offers its customers, but it is advisable to go ahead and check out all these products yourself to decide whether you want to use this as your go-to online casino club. However, before you leave, let us look at the pros and cons of the W88 Palazzo Playtech Online Casino.


  1. Easy to understand: W88 is known to offer its customers one of the easy-to-understand interfaces and thus, club palazzo too offers its customers an interface which appeals to both pros and beginners. It is easy to navigate as well as place bets to play the games.
  2. Mobile App: W88 Club Palazzo adheres to catering to all customer preferences and for those who like playing casino games without the hassles of online browsers for a much better experience then club palazzo has the Playtech app for both, Mobile and PC.
  3. Extravagant Bonus Offer: One of the best offers you can find in the online betting world is the RM600 bonus by W88 which you can claim for only RM30 by rolling the money in the slots or game rooms offered by the Playtech online casino.
  4. In-Game Tutorials: For beginners, or pros who like to read the rules before betting, the online game rooms at Club Playtech offer in-built game tutorials and rules under the Help section which you can access any time, even during an ongoing round. Understanding these rules are easy as well since they are written in the most comprehensible way.
  5. Customizable Game Room: Lastly, you can customize the game rooms according to your own preferences by changing the live dealer video setting from high to low or the audio settings. You can also change the game settings by changing the interface settings of the screen.


  1. Small Font: Since W88 offers a lot of game rooms, they have to fit it all together to make the interface easy to navigate. However, because of this, the font as well as the homepage may appear smaller in size to most gamblers which will require them to use the inbuilt setting of changing the size of the interface.
  2. Simple Layout: Because it offers a layout that is understandable to most online gamblers, the layout is simple and does not give an authentic casino vibe. However, this is only felt until you enter the game rooms which are classic-casino-themed.


The W88 Club Palazzo section on the W88 Official Website is home to some of the most classic casino games online enjoyed by many. So, creating an account and playing today there is something you would not regret. Not only this but you can download the Playtech online casino app for a much more efficient way of playing online. If you decide to do so, then do not forget to grab the bonus of 100% up to RM600 which you can claim when you deposit only RM30 in your live casino Playtech/Club Palazzo wallet.

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