W88 Dragon tiger pattern – Superb guide to win RM1200 daily

Looking for an in-depth guide on the Dragon tiger pattern? We’ll make you familiar with W88 dragon tiger pattern. Get ready to win RM1200 daily at W88 Malaysia!

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Introduction to W88 Dragon tiger

W88 Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced action game that is extremely popular in Asia. The game is played with a conventional 52-card deck that does not include any jokers or wildcards. Players can wager on either the Dragon or the Tiger, and the dealer will deal one card to each side.

W88-dragon tiger pattern -03

Regardless of the suit, the highest card determines the outcome. The aces are rated lowest, while the rest of the cards are ranked according to their natural value, with the King being the highest. Simply told, Dragon Tiger is based on the Baccarat betting system & incorporates the fundamentals of Casino War.

Objective of W88 Dragon tiger game

So, in W88 Dragon Tiger, the main goal is to guess the hand with the highest card value and place bets on it. Yes, learning how to play the dragon tiger game is as simple as that! You don’t have to be concerned about the suits. You only need to know the card values to get started! Because in this game, all you have to do is choose from the following hands:

  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Tie
  • Additional bets are Dragon(odd/even) & Tiger(odd/even).

Dragon tiger game providers in W88 Malaysia

Live Dragon Tiger is usually played with 8 cards, which are shuffled when only one deck remains, though this might vary according to the software provider.

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Just like you have a choice of where to play, there’s also a variety of software suppliers to choose from, each with its unique component of the game.
Below are the top 4 software providers available at W88

Provider Name

Min bet amount


Gameplay Interactive




Gameplay Interactive (virtual dealer)


Dragon Tiger pattern – Table structure of a game

Let’s come to the main topic. Some newbies panic when they enter the Dragon tiger pattern or the gaming area. You may find various options which may or may not use but you must be familiar with. Below is the detailed illustration of the W88 dragon tiger patter of the most popular provider – Gameplay interactive.

W88-dragon tiger pattern -01

1. Sexy dealer

  • At the top center of the screen, you find a charming live dealer who is going to be with you till the end of the game.
  • She will shuffle the deck of cards and deal them as the alternatively on dragon & tiger. As already mentioned you need to bet on the various alternatives available & wait for the results.
  • Newbies can open their account at W88 Register & enjoy playing dragon tiger with sexy live dealers.

2. Game bet limit

At the top left corner of the screen you will find dealer description along with game bet limit.
Remember different bets have various met limits.
For example,

  • Dragon/Tiger – Min RM100  & Max RM10,000.
  • Tie – Min RM100  & Max RM2,000.
  • Dragon odd/even – Min RM100  & Max RM10,000.
  • Tigerodd/even – Min RM100  & Max RM10,000.

3. Time limit

  • Keep in mind that every game has a specific time limit, and you must confirm your wager within that time to secure your bets.
  • The time allotted for W88 Dargon tiger is 11 seconds only.

4. Tips

  • Tips are optional. If you are enjoying the game & winning a tremendous amount of cash then you may give tip to the dealer.
  • The tip amount starts from RM1 & the maximum tip you can give at a time is RM50.
  • Also, don’t forget to implement the best 5 dragon tiger tricks to improve your odds of winning.

W88-dragon tiger pattern -02

5. Betting area

  • In the center of the screen you will find the betting area with betting options.
  • Dragon, Tiger, Odds/Even(Dragon or Tiger) & tie are the common betting options you will find.
  • The dealer will deal the cards in the provided betting area only.

6. Bet chips

  • You will be provided with bet chips at the center-right side of the screen.
  • The starting chip value is 5, next is that goes up to 100.
  • For more such informative posts, visit tips & tricks & get benefited.

7. Dragon tiger patterns

  • You will find dragon tiger patterns at the bottom of your screen. These are nothing but the record of previous results.
  • Some gamblers predict outcomes depending on previous results which is quite surprising because the game is entirely based on luck.
  • So basically you may keep track of your results there.

8. Additional tabs

  • On the left side of the dragon tiger pattern you will find various options like settings where you can mute the live dealer, then game rules and all.
  • Read all the dragon tiger casino games rules & start betting.
  • Here too you will find a dragon tiger pattern similar to the previous one.
    You may also find the available balance.


Hope we made you familiar with the complete W88 dragon tiger pattern. Newbies, do not panic! W88 Dragon tiger patter is very friendly, simply begin your gameplay and you will surely get acquainted with the betting area soon. Don’t forget to implement the best dragon tiger strategies for better payouts. Have a great time gambling at W88!

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