Tottenham-Chelsea Game Followed by Chaos Caused by Fans

Last Sunday, April 1 Chelsea lost to Tottenham Hotspur 1-3 prompted the end of Tottenham’s 28-year losing streak at Stamford Bridge. This was not entirely news to celebrate by Chelsea fans that got into a chaotic feud with Spurs’ fans in La Reserve Hotel after the game.

Tension began to brew as football fans started to exit Stamford which led to physical taunting and violence by fans on both sides. Majority of Spurs fans were escorted out of the stadium by police authority when people started throwing beer bottles and even a traffic cone from the street.

As everything got heated, many law enforcement officers used several measures to keep the rivaled fans apart as fans started chanting “We are Tottenham”. Prior to the chaos, it was reported that only a few police officers were trying to settle down the fans on Fulham Road.

Chelsea fans all came running out of the hotel bar when Spurs fans came” according to an eyewitness who filmed the commotion from the roof of the La Reserve Hotel.

It came to a point where cars parked outside the hotel were struck by missiles before authorities brought in police horses to further control the mad crowds. More back up followed to end the trouble which eventually came to an end at 6:00 PM that Sunday evening.

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