Chelsea Footballers Spotted in Salt Bae’s Restaurant in Dubai

More than half of the Chelsea team is on international duty, spotting some football players in one of Dubai’s popular restaurants, Nusr-Et. Chelsea players Cesc Fabregas, Alvaro Morata, Gary Cahill and Emerson Palmieri were found in high spirits dining out Tuesday night at Salt Bae’s signature restaurant.

Nusret Gokce, otherwise known as Salt Bae is a Turkish chef who became an internet sensation due to his signature video of salting steak in quite a striking pose. He has then garnered several famous visitors in his Miami, New York, and even Dubai steakhouses.

His latest visitors were the Chelsea players taking photos and videos of their respective Instagram stories. Fabregas joined by partner Daniella Semaan, put on huge smiles as they took a selfie with the renowned chef writing in his post “with my friend Salt Bae, thank you for a great night!”

World Cup Expectations?

With Morata and Fabregas’ absence from Julen Lopetegui’s Spain team who is in intense training for the next Germany and Argentina on the 23rd and 27th of March. The two players will need to finish strong this season to get the chance to be featured in the World Cup this year.

Despite unmemorable performances this past season, Fabregas still has high hopes in making it to Russia for the World Cup saying “I am not a player who throws the towel.” Although, the player also admits he has not been called in yet “I haven’t received any calls or been included in any team list for all this time.”

For the meantime, the player is focusing more on his club because he believes that getting a call for the World Cup is highly unlikely if he doesn’t do well in his own team. On the other hand, Cahill’s chances of playing for the World Cup also seem bleak since Gareth Southgate decided to leave out the defender in the upcoming games against Holland and Italy.

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