United’s Latest Misfit: Alexis Sanchez Not Settling in Well

The latest move of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to Manchester United was one of the most expensive in Premier League history. The 29-year-old footballer is being paid a whopping £600,000 a week, landing him the title: the highest paid player in the Premier League.

Recent news has been surfacing regarding Sanchez having a hard time adjusting to the Manchester United team. It has been reported that the player is unhappy and usually found eating alone in the canteen. The player feels isolated and Manchester United fears it will be another disastrous transfer like Angel Di Maria’s.

Lagging Performance than Usual

The Chilean footballer has only made one goal in the last ten United games. He was then benched for the first time when they beat Brighton in the FA Cup last Saturday. It is not entirely unfamiliar behavior though since he is known to be quite the sullen loner and a single-minded player.

This was also noticed throughout the training of the Chilean national team for the international matches against Sweden and Denmark. The Manchester United staff is also taken by his despondent behavior during practice rounds at Carrington.

History Repeating Itself

This transfer is slowly in danger since Sanchez is slowly coming off as someone who is having second thoughts over his move from Arsenal over a swap deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. It’s hard to dismiss that this risk transfer is comparable to Angel Di Maria’s £59.7 million transfer to Old Trafford in 2014 then sudden transfer to PSG in a £44m deal following a bleak season in England.

According to a staff member’s statement, “The whole thing doesn’t seem right and he looks like a lost boy. It was the same with Di Maria.” The player is only seen interacting with Spanish speaking players at Manchester United.

United’s manager Jose Mourinho did admit that Sanchez will only be getting more playing time next season. It was observed by teammates that Sanchez only produces spectacular moments in the field and not in training and games.

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