Manchester United’s Hook on Samuel Umtiti and Jose Mourinho

It’s not brand new information that Manchester United has been on the prowl for quite a while now. As one of the many superb teams in the Premier League, the quest for athletic excellence, superb skill, and vitality among its players are utmost important.

Thus, the search for new recruits and transfers don’t stop at “good” but keeps going at “great.” Here are some of the rumors circulating who the notorious football club is eyeing and it sure gets quite interesting panning out how the team is going to deliver with these possible recruits.

Lurking over Samuel Umtiti

Goal news has recently confirmed that Man United has been seen “lurking” around FC Barcelona. It has been reported that a delay regarding Samuel Umtiti’s possible final new contract with Barcelona has been delayed due to Man United’s “lurking.”

Due to speculation, Man U may still have a slight chance of grabbing the France international player for €60m under the terms of his current contract. This is still toppled by a new long-term contract that Barcelona has tied with Umtiti though. Man U having the power to disintegrate Barcelona and Umtiti’s deal is technically unlikely. Considering that it may ruin the deal between now and July makes it look quite strange.

Eyes on the Prize 

Manchester United’s plan to back Jose Mourinho in the summer transfer market may sink the ongoing expansion proposals for Old Trafford Stadium. The plans to enlarge the capacity of the place up to 88,000 may potentially end up in a hold.

Daily Mail reports that £300m in less than 2 years really isn’t enough to challenge for the Premier League title. Man U’s aggressive push to scout for the best in the summer transfer include the following:

  • Willian Borges da Silva ((£40m)
  • Jean Michael Seri (£35m target)
  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
  • Jorginho Luiz Frello Filho
  • Victor Wanyama
  • Toni Kroos

Manchester United is keen on making improvements and going on the quest for athletic excellence and team vitality. Going beyond their bounds to make this happen is utmost evident in their attempts to go after what they want. The relevance of the team and superiority in the Premier League and football altogether makes them the team they are today.

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