Manchester United’s Daley Blind Out for a Walk with Girlfriend and Dog

Playing for Manchester United is not all fame and fortune and defender Daley Blind is an example of such. With a rough gameplay and rocky performances all throughout the season, the lifestyle of being a professional footballer in the spotlight isn’t always great.

Jose Mourinho has voiced his preference of Ashley Young over Daley Blind in terms of Manchester United’s game assets. Blind has been continuously challenged to be featured in the last four Premiere League games this football season, this Mourinho’s doubts about the player.


With all this struggle being said and the pressures of football altogether, at least Blind seems to be having a good personal life away from the spotlight. The 27-year-old was photographed walking his dog with current girlfriend Candy-Rae Fleur last Monday in the Manchester city area. The player was able to take some cool down time with his precious ones as he sat in the park taking some leisure time off.

daley blind walks dog 2  daley blind walks dog 1

The defender continues to hope that he ups his game and performance in future training as he looks into getting back into Manchester United’s first-team squad. Manager Jose Mourinho gets credit for managing a 1-0 win against the Spurs in the English top flight last Saturday. Manchester United is scheduled to go against Benfica in the Champions League on Tuesday. Let’s see if his cool down with his girlfriend and canine best friend motivates him enough to step up his game. Stay tuned folks!

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