De Graafschap Players and Stewards Attacked by Eagles Supporters Post Defeat

The second division team took place last Sunday where the Dutch football team De Graafschap was seized with an attack by fans from Go Ahead Eagles. Eagles lost 4-0 to De Graafschap prompting a wild reaction from wild and upset fans.

Unarmed fans started running towards the field aggressively kicking and punching players from De Graafschap. Stewards stepped in quite too late as other fans started to run towards the pitch. Players from Go Ahead Eagles made a statement saying that they’re ‘deeply ashamed’ of the behavior their fans exhibited after the match.

Attack Condemned by Go Ahead Eagles

It is among the greatest efforts of Go Ahead to promote fair and responsible game dynamics. This also includes the way fans conduct themselves in sporting events because they are representative of the team and what they stand for. Suitable measures are being taken to handle the situation and make sure that everything that follows goes responsibly.

The Dutch team manager of De Graafschap, Henk de Jong released a statement saying ‘why can we not cheer? Our supporters did not know what they were going through, I think.” This incident disrupted the game and delayed it for several minutes after audiences threw fire workers on to the pitch. According to Fox Sports News Netherlands, authorities made seven arrests after the attack.

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