Master the 7 Kinds of Keno Strategies and Get Yourself a Galaxy J2 Prime 2

The game of keno is popular in many online gaming platforms and live casinos. There are even people who play keno in their own homes. It has also been observed that there is a growing rate of online players and that just doesn’t apply to Keno, but also other live casino games, slot games, and poker games.

W88 Keno is available to its members and prospective players who wish to experience convenience, accessibility, and flexibility when gambling online. Keno at w88 provides its players with two game rooms specifically for keno and even a separate one for those who want to play in a Keno tournament. W88 has Keno and W Keno which both give players the chance to play in trial mode and with real money.

Get Yourself the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime and Maximize Your W88 Experience

Playing Keno at w88 also gives you the chance to win enough to a Galaxy J2 Prime 2 smartphone from Samsung. This is said to be the top smartphone purchased by Malaysians last 2017. Making the most of your gambling experience can be achieved at w88 which can even help you get some of the ideal prizes every w88 member deserves.

Winning in keno at w88 is doable by sticking to the game and learning the ropes of keno online. Part of learning w88 keno is mastering the techniques used to win the game. This may take quite some practice and get used to so, let’s assess how these strategies work best. Here are seven useful kinds of betting tips to apply when playing Keno at w88.

7 Betting Variations and Techniques to Use in Keno

Tie/Cross Betting


A total score of 20 numbers is withdrawn according to the following:

  • 1.95 – greater than 810 (BET)
  • 1.95  – less than 810 (HUGE)
  • 108 – equal to 810
BettingThe last digit of the total score from the 20 number drawn

  • 1.95 – total is the odds
  • 1.95 – total comes out as CHOOSE
Flat Betting
  • 2.3 – if the total of 20 numbers drawn randomly from the system is more than 10 odd numbers than the bet
  • 2.3 – if the total of 20 numbers drawn randomly from the system has more than 10 even numbers; the bet on placed on the SELECT number will win
  • 4.3 – if 10 numbers are all even numbers or if 10 numbers are all odd numbers
Balance Betting
  • Ticket/Low – when the player predicts a total score of 20 randomly drawn numbers that is greater than 810 points; the last digit of the total is odd.
  • Trading, Low, Choose bets are similar with a 3.7 odds
Over/Under/Under Bets
  • Over – if the total number of 20 draws is more than 10 are in the range of 1-40  (2.3 odds)
  • Under – if a total of 20 numbers are drawn,  more than 10 numbers fall in between 41-80 (2.3 odds)
  • HOA  – 10 numbers which range from 1-40 and 10 numbers that fall in between 41-80 (4.3 odds)
Kim, Korea, Hydro-style, Therapy Betting
  • Kim: 210-695 with odds of 9.2
  • MOC: 696-763 with odds of 4.6
  • HYGIENE: 764-855 with odds of 2.4
  • HUA: 856-923 with odds of 4.6
  • CARD: 924-1410 with odds of 9.2
Welcome BettingBetting on the player which required you to select 1 to 5 numbers that range from 1-80.

Play W88 Keno from your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

W88 keno is very much accessible to all its users via mobile or desktop. The ease and variation of the keno online are reaching more players and online gamers with consistent practice. Mastering keno is possible with concentration, willingness to learn, and consistent gaming.

Claiming Keno promotions to up your game at w88 is one other way to maximize your gaming experience in the renowned gaming platform. Register for an account today to see how far your Keno game can go!

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