The Advantages of Playing Keno Online

Most amateur gamblers tend to think that Keno is just another draw game like lotto where you just have to choose a bunch of numbers and wait if they qualify with the draw. This notion is plausibly true and false because even if it is somewhat similar to lotto, the variations of betting can differ in Keno. The mechanics of the game may be parallel in a sense that it is a draw game where players get to control the numbers they will bet on. The main objective in Keno is to attempt to hit the jackpot with big numbers in play.

They payout in Keno highly depends on how many correct numbers are predicted in the draw. The structure of Keno’s payout is very similar to the lottery where the payout is usually bigger when more numbers win, thus the low return in a short amount of time.

What are the pros to playing online Keno?

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A plus to playing Keno virtually is the player’s option to set their own speed at playing. In contrast to playing Keno in an actual casino, online Keno allows you to play a round of 20 games. This also comes with the caution of ensuring you play responsibly and logically. Ensure that you have set up a stop loss target and win levels. This will not only help you strategize properly, it will also help control your bank balance.

What are the kinds of Keno games I can play online?

Straight Ticket

  • Objective: mark off the numbers you think will come upon the card
  • Maximum numbers to select may depend on the casino but usually, a max of 20 is the standard.

Way Ticket

  • Objective: mark 2 or more sets of numbers with only 1 ticket
  • Advantage: Players may place wagers less than the table’s required minimum by dividing the minimum bet over 3 cards.

Combination Ticket

  • Objective: combine groups of numbers in 1 ticket
  • Advantage: Player may choose 12 numbers and place wagers on 2 ways of guessing 6 numbers

King Ticket

  • Objective: choose a King number that can be utilized when combined with other clusters of numbers
  • King numbers can qualify as your lucky number or the number you will include with 3 other number combinations

NOTE: Players may also place wagers on Top or Bottom numbers, Edge numbers or Left and Right bets.

Online Keno at W88


Playing Keno online at w88 live is a gaming experience many actual people who love to gamble enjoy. It’s not only convenient, it also gives you control over your bets. If you play Keno in real casinos, then playing online should be no sweat. With just a few clicks, you are able to place your bets and see the number combinations that will either have you at a loss or win. Make an attempt to bet on a little fun draw game at W88 Keno today.

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