Chelsea Players Spotted at The Coach Premiere

Last Monday, April 9, the movie The Coach premiered in Under the Bridge at Stamford Bridge in London. Director and lead star Danila Kozlovsky was present in the premiere along with the cast and crew of the movie. Other people spotted in the premiere include Chelsea footballers like David Luiz, Eden Hazard, and Cesar Azpilicueta which did wonders for the press of the Russian film.

The film is a sports drama that centers on the star striker of the national team which will be geared towards the loss from a game, eventually reappearing after a period of time as the coach of an unknown team. This film was produced by the director and star himself Danila Kozlovsky, along with Petr Anurov and Leonid Vereshchagin among others.

Meanwhile, as the football players represented the Chelsea team in the premiere, Chelsea went through a draw 1-1 with West Ham. Antonio Conte’s team falls 10 points behind Tottenham after last Sunday’s game.

Chelsea’s loss to Tottenham last Easter Sunday has revealed the slim chances of the team qualifying for the Champions League. Although, Chelsea has made it to the FA Cup semi-finals which could improve their campaign with a trophy come around May.

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