Fiorentina Honors Davide Astori’s Memory as They Set Out for a Spot in Europa League

Fiorentina’s ex-captain Davide Astori passed last March 4, 2018, which left everyone in shock and grief. The player was said to have passed in his sleep due to a sudden illness. Fiorentina team and fans made sure to honor their ex-captain prior to their game against Roma in Stadio Olimpico.

The team held up a banner they made in Astori’s honor with “Davide” written. Fiorentina won against Roma for the first time in six years. Their fans patiently waited as the team made their way back to Florence ready to celebrate the team’s victory.

Fiorentina has accumulated six consecutive Serie A matches in 58 years. It is without a doubt that every game has been mourned just as much as it was celebrated. According to the club’s football manager, Stefano Pioli, “These lads have shown an uncommon strength in the way they have carried forward the work Davide left us.”

“After the tragedy, our team pulled together” said Pioli after their much-deserved win from Roma. Giovanni Simeone added, “We have stayed united through the difficulty we have faced, and this is something that gives you strength.”

Loyal Fiorentina Fans and Astori Supporters United

One of the most notable moves that led Fiorentina’s victories is Riccardo Saponara’s two goals against Roma. The 26-year-old midfielder was closest to Davide Astori who was deeply affected by the passing of the team’s late captain, being the last person to have spent time with Astori before his sudden death.

The crowds at the Fiorentina-Roma game brought Pioli to tears for many have come to pay respects and honor the late captain with several tributes from supporters and players. As the 13th minute of the match came, the game was halted to take a moment and remember Astori whose number was 13 in Fiorentina, accompanied by a huge round of applause in the player’s honor.

Fiorentina has moved up to seventh in the Serie A table on the course for a spot in the Europa League. Coppa Italia is first on the list, while Juventus and AC are sixth respectively.

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