Valverde is Positive Messi will be able to Play in the Champions League Against Roma

Football legend Lionel Messi was recently reported injured due to a hamstring strain. He made the headlines as he scored an equalizer a minute from the end to recover and guarantee the team could still keep their unbeaten La Liga record.

During the international break, Messi missed two friendlies prompting manager Valverde to admit that the player still has a hard time during training. This doesn’t necessarily mean the forward is not fit to start in their upcoming Champions League match against Roma.

It has always been Valverde’s plan to bring on Lionel Messi to the Champions League despite the small setback he is encountering now. “He’s injured but he’s been inactive for a while and we thought it would be better for him to play to get some rhythm of competition.” according to Barcelona’s manager.

Despite being injured and on due rest during the break, Valverde is confident the player is decisive and will be okay in due time for the match against Roma. It is in high hopes that Valverde and the rest of Barcelona are rooting for Messi’s full recovery for the Roma match.

A busy schedule is up for the 30-year-old player, with seven games in 22 days, which include the 2-legged Champions League quarter-final against Roma and the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla on the 21st of April.

Apart from rest, Messi also celebrated Easter Sunday with his family for the holiday.

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