Guardiola Takes Touchline Ban but is Insistent on Defending Manchester City

UEFA Champions League banned Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola from the touchline in Tuesday’s game in Etihad stadium. The coach was sacked for arguing with Antonio Mateu Lahoz who was the referee during the Manchester City – Liverpool game.

Guardiola claims that the referee’s bogus call on football player Leroy Sane’s effort offside was unfitting. Although the match ended in favor of Man City with a score of 1-2, Guardiola is yet to face a disciplinary panel next month for what he recalls as an undeserving punishment.

The 47-year-old Spanish manager was made to watch the rest of the game from the director’s box. Guardiola strongly feels the other way towards the penalty saying, “I am a human being. I have passion. I try to defend my team and my club. When I see that people don’t do what they have to do, I have to defend my tea. They deserve that they don’t feel they are alone.”

“I went there to take care of the players because they were talking with the referee. I didn’t want a yellow card for them and then they’re out”, Guardiola adds.

Guardiola on Aguero’s Injury

Sergio Aguero has been benched for about a month now due to a knee injury. The Argentinian striker blew his ankle when it got caught by Ashley Young’s defense which greatly affected the player’s fitness.

Man City’s manager has released a statement expressing his high hopes for Aguero to play in some of the team’s final games. It is, of course, a different story for the player’s readiness for the World Cup which is just two months away.

“He’s not ready…we cannot forget he was one month injured, he made a huge effort because after the action from Ashley Young against United,” said Guardiola.

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