Pep Guardiola’s Leadership and Coaching Allure

One of the sports industry’s wealthiest people, specifically in the football world, is Spanish football manager and former football player Pep Guardiola. The 47-year-old is popular for accumulating several wins for multiple teams throughout the years. Some of the victories he gained as a coach include Barcelona B’s win in the Tercera Division from 2007 to 2008. Other victories and titles he is famous for are La Liga (20088-2010), Copa del Ray (2008 and 2011), and the FIFA World Cup (2009 and 2011).

Pep Guardiola has bagged several victories under his name and superb coaching skills. With utmost passion, determination and focus on the game and his team, the football manager continues to light his drive for success in football, not just for his team but for himself as well. This then brings up the question, is all this still possible to achieve with Manchester City without all the financial means backing his agenda?

Automatic Success from Only Coaching Top Clubs and Great Financial Backing of Manchester City

There is the great support that backs the renowned team of Manchester City. Many people tend to think that winning any league is possible with the amount of financial backing Manchester City gets. Guardiola maximizes his means to purchase the best of the best players that often leave football critics and fanatics concerned.

Many people also suspect and have come to believe that the football manager only gained success since he’s only coached for top football clubs. What many fail to consider is that Guardiola has been coaching top football clubs solely because he has been quite successful in the pursuit.

What Barcelona has taught the Football Mongrel

When the 47-year-old resigned from coaching Barcelona in 2012 and took his sabbatical in New York. The team fluctuated in terms of managing themselves and maintaining structure despite the tangibility in the process.

The difficulty in the dynamics while Tito Vilanova took over after treatment from cancer was rocky and left football fans pondering over whom really is the trusted and most capable person to fill the shoes of Guardiola for the team.

 Pep Guardiola: Skill, Success and Solid Hard work

With Pep Guardiola holding fifteen trophies under his name for his coaching abilities has regarded him as the prime icon for a solid combination of making do with what you have and ought to have. His leadership and tactics in managing Barcelona B with little to no resources to rising success in handling Manchester City, ostensibly proves that the 47-year-old football manager makes do of three vital factors in becoming a renowned coach; passion, skill, and determination. All his work with several teams only goes to show that his ability to turn good players into great ones and great players into legends, is unmatchable.

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