Dental Surgery for Diego Godin’s Due to Intense Smash in La Liga

Atletico Madrid’s defender Diego Godin had to go through a dental surgery from an intense game against Valencia. The player was elbowed in the face which knocked out some of his teeth due to a shocking collision.

The 31-year-old footballer was met with Valencia’s Norberto Neto’s elbow. The smash was hard hitting and caused a tooth to get stuck on the player’s elbow. This caused a lot of heavy bleeding and required constructive surgery to fix the damage.

To repair the damage on his upper jaw was later confirmed by Atleti. Godin suffered a dental alveolar fracture to three of his maxilla. The duration of his recovery has not been determined. This massive impact forced the player off the field after just five minutes into the second half of the game.

Diego Simeone wasn’t just upset over one of his players’ injury, he expressed frustration over the penalty that wasn’t given to Neto for the faulty maneuver. Atletico Madrid’s central defender, Stefan Savic also encountered a thigh injury prior to the half-time during a win. This led to lag off nine points behind Barcelona, with the same distance above Valencia in the third.

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