£15M Deal for Ross Barkley by Chelsea Almost Finish Leading to Potential Interest in Andy Carroll

The Chelsea football club has just revealed its sure deal with Ross Barkley amounting to £15 Million for the player’s playing deal. The renowned football club also sets a firm eye on Andy Carroll for a signing on loan.

The 24-year-old was originally up for the champions’ bid last August. Although, due to recovery from his hamstring surgery, the player chose to stay at Everton. Barkley has been back to training full time after four and a half months due to hamstring damage.

With Chelsea’s great interest and sheer determination to get the Barkley to the club has set them to this pre-final deal with the player held last Thursday in London.

Leads with Andy Carroll

Despite scoring two vital goals against West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday, Carroll has gone through an injury hit-spell at West ham since 2013. With 123 games and 32 goals made in 2013 sprung from the £15M Liverpool deal with Carroll last 2013.

An inquiry has been made to West Ham on a loan move for Andy Carroll. Initial discussions are ongoing with Carroll’s representatives but doubt still subsides with Hammers boss David Moyes. Moyes strongly doesn’t want Moyes to leave on loan. Chelsea has looked through many strikers but Carroll seems to be their prime pick.

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