Everton Close to Sealing £27M Deal with Cenk Tosun

Turkey international’s Cenk Tosun is almost closing the transfer deal with Everton for £27M. This transfer has been in full support with Besiktas and Everton for quite a while now. The 26-year-old Tosun just has to undergo medical and finalize personal terms on a long-term deal. There is an expectation for this deal to run until the summer of 2022. Despite all the progress, the pressure on Tosun is hard to ignore. It will all depend on his physical fitness and the advice of medical staff and personnel.

Everton’s “Big Sam” or Sam Allardyce has constantly been looking for a way out of the lack of goals in Everton this past season. Allardyce deeply believes that Tosun could be the fix to such problem for the football club.

If Tosun comes through a variety of tests and presents just the right sins they are looking for, Big Sam will shed light on the big possibility of including Tosun in the FA Cup third round tie at Anfield. These are all only possible if Everton makes Tosun’s registration midday on Friday.

After long periods of negotiations, the deal is finally on the last stage of the process. The most important thing is to get the player secure. It has always been Everton’s biggest concern to address their lack of goals scored.

Numerous Wins for Besiktas

Cenk Tosun has given the Turkish football club Besiktas several wins where the club has even made its way into the knockout stage of the Champions League. Tosun’s signing contract for Everton is one of the most expensive the club has ever signed.

Allardyce has gone through multiple strikers and he believes Tosun is the best fit for Everton. Aside from the striker position being filled and the anticipated leave of Ross Barkley, the search for a midfielder and defender in a span of just four more days is definitely an aggressive one at that.

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