Strengthening Women’s Football in Nigeria 

The Nigerian Women’s Football League (NWFL) together with the Sports Association of the national Spanish Football Competition LaLiga de Fútbol Professional (LaLiga), has completed a signing of the memorandum of understanding to achieve their common goal of uplifting women’s football in Nigeria.

A more in-depth aspect look at the two organizations’ overall goal is focused on encouraging access to sports management, education and the development of CSR activities. There is a strong pursuit towards promoting gender equality in sports. Thus the great need for this deal to take effect in order to further integrate women in football.

This much-awaited partnership will entail the exchange of football knowledge and experience between both organizations. Friendly matches, inter-team tournaments, coaching programs for senior and grassroots women footballers are some of the main aspects of the joint venture, as well as the development of television commercials for women football divisions in Nigeria.

Strategic Alliance Between La Liga and NWFL

According to Aisha Falode, “this is a very timely and important development for the NWFL and Nigeria’s women’s football as a whole A strategic alliance and partnership with La Liga, recognized as the world’s best league is definitely a good step forward and in the right direction towards growth and development of women’s game in Nigeria.”

She also acknowledged the long string of success that Nigeria’s women’s national teams have accomplished in the international arena of the sports industry. This is just one of the many reasons that the La Liga and NWFL effort will help them dominate and get their significance noticed across the other side of the world. This way, the attempt to bridge the gap between the first world and third world issues in sports isn’t so buried I the gutter.

The continuous growth and development of Nigerian football is also one guarantee in the deal between La Liga and NWFL. It gives leeway to many female players to harness their potential and bolster each other in a team effort of making Nigeria great in the eyes of the whole world.

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