Paul Pogba’s Vigilance of Other Teams Makes Him a Better Player

Manchester United’s star player Paul Pogba is excited to go head to head with Barcelona in the Champions League. The 26-year-old central midfielder has expressed his admiration for Barcelona, who will be facing United come April for the quarter-finals. Pogba has admittedly come clean on the way he develops as a player and says that he learns best by observing opponents and their strategies, even from those he truly admires, like Lionel Messi for Barcelona.

According to a statement he made to Eurosport, “Barcelona are a team I always watch, You Can always learn as a midfielder, I like watching football. Their system, their culture, it can always help me.” The Frenchman says. He also shares his superb idolatry towards Lionel Messi who he thinks is the pinnacle of greatness that keeps Barcelona in its rightful place.

“He is the best of all, Barca has great players and, above all, an extraordinary one that is far above the rest.” Pogba adds. Pogba and his men in United maybe heading into the Champions League match as underdogs against the legend, Messi, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side is not backing down from the challenge. The rest of the world will have to wait and watch United take on Barcelona on April 10 at Old Trafford.

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