Manchester United’s Paul Pogba Highly in Demand by Barcelona  

French national and World Cup winner Paul Pogba is being watched by Barcelona quite keenly in the last few months. Barcelona has shown strong interest in the 25-year-old football player which manager Ernesto Valverde are all for the transfer but Barcelona scouts seem to disagree. Some have expressed the club’s need to invest in players that are less of risk-takers on the field, but are more driven and have better positional sense in the field.

Heavy hitters who have quite the impactful word on Pogba would be Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi who believe that Barcelona would gain a whole lot with the French footballer in the team. Pogba possesses a breed of superb technical and physical skills in the field and can definitely remedy Barcelona’s motif.

However, the Spanish football club’s financial capacity to purchase Pogba is in question due to their recent accounts that show their club’s profit at only €11million. Manchester United must be able to recover the £89 million if they plan to renew Pogba’s United contract, along with additional salary demands for the new season.

This all may still be in the works because of Pogba’s rocky relationship with Jose Mourinho who cracked after finding out from Pogba himself he wishes to leave for Barcelona. Mourinho is struggling to find middle ground with the 25-year-old since his public criticism of the manager with regards to his strategic decisions in the field.

The United manager has been giving Pogba a hard time, stripping the armband off the player and being told that his role as captain will be gone as long as he is under his management. The French national’s performance has dwindled since and depicted inconsistencies, but Hugo Lloris comes to Pogba’s defense and expresses in a statement: “He has status in the UK, maybe because of his transfer fee. Sometimes people do not judge him fairly. His performances at United are far from as bad as people make out. When it matters, he turns up.”

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