Jose Mourinho’s Overreaction May Have Caused Him a Case with the FA  

Last Saturday’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United was quite an event with a 2-2 final score. The match score wasn’t the main highlight of Saturday; it was actually Jose Mourinho making quite the scene with match referee Mike Dean and Chelsea’s assistant coach Marco Ianni.

United’s manager has been penalized by the referee for his touchline behavior who had quite the overreaction when Ianni provoked the manager after Barkley’s equalizer move. Assistant coach Ianni made his way running to the touchline to revel in Ross Barkley’s sixth-minute goal. He then went back and proceeded to rub in the victory in front of Mourinho, which led to a pompous comment that ticked off the United manager.

Mourinho did not hesitate to confront Ianni which escalated quickly into a potential brawl, where a few stewards made an effort to hold Ianni back from a scuffle with a fired up Mourinho. The referee Mike Dean did not hesitate to report this outburst to the FA who reveals their unhappy demeanor towards Mourinho’s angry response. Even if there was no physical violence or contact between Ianni and Mourinho, the FA has yet to determine the way they will deal with Manchester United’s fired up manager.

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