Jose Mourinho Shuts Down Rumors on Cristiano Ronaldo Return to Manchester United  

The rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United are false according to manager Jose Mourinho. “It was never on the table” Mourinho adds. But it has been reported that the 55-year-old convinced United to avoid any contract renewals for the forward.

Juventus’ new member Cristiano Ronaldo made a move from Real Madrid over the summer. The Balon d’Or receiver played for Real Madrid since 2009 from a transfer from Old Trafford. After a win against Burnley with a 2-0 score, Mourinho stated: “Juventus is one of the teams in Europe that invested to win the Champions League because they don’t need to invest to win the Scudetto.”

“The objective is clearly to win the Champions League, which they were close twice when they reached the final, so they are a top team in Europe that made one of the biggest spendings – I think after Liverpool it must be them. Cristiano was never on my table to say “yes” or “no” to Cristiano to come to us. It was never on the table.” Mourinho adds.

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